Love Story Ends Unhappily Ever After

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  • Bangalore

    Love Story Ends Unhappily Ever After.


  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    I’d say the “love” was one-sided.

  • snowbird

    I wonder if she's also a JW.


  • CuriousButterfly

    That is sad but for God sake he is 23 yrs younger than her. It never entered her mind he was using her????

  • ssn587

    Being stupid knows no bounds, that should have been obvious to her from the beginning, that all he wanted was a free ride out of Nigeria nd she was silly enough to give it to him. Hopefully he will be deported and sent back.

  • dgp

    Poor woman.

  • Scully

    Dear Desperate and Stupid,

    How dare you aid and abet a Nigerian scammer by sponsoring him to come into my country so he can mooch off the collective generosity of our social benefits. Thanks to you, now that he's here, he qualifies for welfare, health care benefits, subsidized housing, and all manner of handouts that we provide for new immigrants. I'm sure it never occurred to you that you were being played for a fool, given that he claimed to be a christian and all, so you never bothered to run his name through any search engine to determine whether or not he was genuine. This is where you take both "desperate" and "stupid" to a whole new level.

    I suppose your criteria was sooooo stringent that all you required was that he have an active brainstem and access to a computer. I also imagine that you paid for his airfare to Italy and all the expenses for your oh-so-romantic destination wedding. Did the Pope officiate the ceremony too? Is your head so far up your own ass that you've never heard the words "Nigerian" and "scammer" in the same sentence? If you've never heard those two words together, you are too stupid to have internet access.

    I don't want him on the payroll of Canadian taxpayers. You brought him here - you either get his ass on a plane back to Nigeria or you pay his merry way while he's here as the law requires, and shut up about it. You didn't ask me or any other Canadians if we minded paying his way while he lives here. But I'm guessing your friends (if you have any, that is) either told you that you were farking insane or tried to tell you and you ignored their better judgement. Again, if that's the case, you've got nobody to blame but yourself, and you need to face the music, pay the piper and deal with the consequences of your stupidity.

    I hope it's a very very expensive lesson for you to learn. And I also hope that you learn to enjoy your own company so that you never, ever, become so desperate again that you'll bring some asshole into my country to financially rape our social benefits.

  • ziddina

    Scully... DAMN!!!

    You GO , Girl!!!


  • hemp lover
    hemp lover

    @Scully: While I agree that he most likely married her to get Canadian citizenship, the article says "He has a well-paying job at Michelin Tire in Waterville while she is not working." So he's paying taxes for his own social benefits, right?

  • Scully

    Hi hemp lover,

    Michelin Tire in Nova Scotia has been scaling back wages for the past several years. The plants aren't unionized (or at least they weren't a few years back) and new hires like our Nigerian Romeo are expected to work on a lower pay scale than long-time employees - even if the old-timers change jobs within the same plant, they will be paid at the new pay scale. I can't imagine that working conditions or morale are fabulous there. Mind you, it still pays more than minimum wage, and yes part of his wages would be withheld to cover taxes, medicare and so on. But if he decides to walk away from that (and he can do that at any time), our "heroine" is still financially on the hook for him for three years. After that, he'll be free to abuse the system even more than he already has done in coming here under false pretenses.

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