Is this a deep secret, a lie, or big coincidence, about Paul and Jesus. I'm being OPEN this time....

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  • EndofMysteries

    Up to now, I haven't openly shown some of the things I've been researching. This one is burning in me, I can't contain it. I've tried seeing if online I can find anything about it, but can't.

    Hope for some 'serious' answers vs sarcasm.

    Acts 1:23-26 - The apostles are looking for a replacement for Judas Iscariot. Up for it is JOSEPH (also known as BAR'SABBAS, JUSTUS) and the other is Mattias. After casting lots it falls on Mattias. (We assume the matter is over then)

    Acts 4:36 - JOSEPH also known as BAR'NABAS, meaning SON OF COMFORT, a Levite, native of Cyprus.

    Acts 18:7 - A man name Titius JUSTUS

    Colossians 4:10 - JESUS called JUSTUS and Mark a cousin of Bar'NABAS

    Acts 15:22 - Bar'SABBAS also known as JUDAS

    Acts 11:27 Barnabas and Saul worked together

    Acts 12:25 Mark sent with Saul and Barnabas, Mark is also surnamed JOHN.

    The big part is about to come up, but right now, it 'appears' , this 12th apostle who was NOT selected, JOSEPH is also known as Bar'Sabbas, Justus, Jesus, Judas, Bar'Nabas, Son of Comfort

    Now PAUL/SAUL - Acts 9:22 - we know he was an intelligent man, because it says he proved 'logically' about the Christ

    All of this culminates when reading Acts 13:6-11, (Again we know PAUL and SAUL are the same man), and from the scriptures listed above, there are links to (Joseph, Bar'Nabas, Bar'Sabas, Jesus, Justus, Judas all sharing the same name).

    We have a meeting between a Sorcerer/false prophet/Jew called Bar'Jesus and with him a proconsul, intelligent man, Sergius PAULus. Who call Bar'Nabas(Jesus) and Saul (Paul) to him to learn the truth. The sorcerer is also known as EL'ymas, who tried to turn the proconsul (Sergius PAULus) away from the faith. Paul/Saul told him, "O man full of every sort of villainy, you son of the Devil, you enemy of everything righteous, will you not quit distoring the right ways of Jehovah? Well then look, Jehovah's hand is upon you, and you will be BLIND, not seeing the sunlight for a PERIOD OF TIME. Instantly a thick mist and darkness fell upon him, and he went around seeking men to lead him by the hand.

    This also bears striking similarities to Acts 9:4-9 when Paul/Saul himself was blinded for a few days.

    Is this all a coincidence? Did somebody corrupt this book and trying to trick people? Is this a hidden message trying to reveal a hidden truth?

  • notverylikely

    It's none of those. It's...nothing...

  • dgp

    Have you read Bart Erhman's "Misquoting Jesus" and "The Orthodox corruption of scripture"?

  • EndofMysteries

    No I haven't, can you tell me some of the main points of those books?

  • tec

    I think you're looking too hard for connections that no one else sees. Ask yourself if this possible 'connection' matters, and if so, then what does it matter? What is the effect, and then think about the possible conclusion/end game. Then maybe you can decide whether or not you feel something is worthwhile to pursue.

    I know you love these deep meanings :) But don't get lost in scriptures, and then lose Christ and His message along the way.


  • Chalam

    I know you love these deep meanings :) But don't get lost in scriptures, and then lose Christ and His message along the way.





  • tec

    Hi Stephen! Haven't seen you in a while.

  • EndofMysteries

    Thanks for input. This is a tiny piece of the whole picture for me. I do see the possible conclusions and combined with all the other pieces, believe very important to pursue.

    This is just 'one' what some may say coincidence. At what point, and how many more, does is it no longer a coincidence, but something else? That's where I'm at. Far too many coincidences, and I see not randomness, but intelligence and these coincidences all there for a reason.

    If they are there by God's doing, then it's a good reason they are there. If they are there by someone else's doing, then quite possibly will be used in a very negative way soon.

    If it was just this one which openly shown here, then I wouldn't worry. Added with all the others though.....

  • EndofMysteries

    One start will be checking all scrolls to see if these names match up in all of them. I heard rumor the syrian/aramaic which hard to find any interlinears, but the names might be different there.....

    If anyone knows of an interlinear of ancient aramaic old testament vs greek, please let know.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    I feel for you on your journey and all, but it appears you are grasping at straws. What exactly are you looking for or trying to prove? Also who are you trying to prove it to yourself or other?

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