Should I quit my job?

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  • tsar_robles

    Snakes I'd never thought that about you :) I hear you about benefits, I have a child that needs lots of medical attention so I guess I'll have to stay under the radar and everyone else's thoughts...

    Finally free, your it director sounds exactly like mine, lol. He's very demanding and unreasonable with pretty much everyone but me. Actually he's an elder and yet doesn't know i'm d'fed. He called me afterwards to find out what happened and I asked him just to leave things as is because nothing will get solved...

    My immediate supervisor, our 'project lead' is pretty much dead weight and the network admin feels the same way, this guy's been here for 2-3 months and he either passes on his projects to the network admin, or disregards stuff so that me and the network admin pick up the slack and has been giving the same updates for the last 3-4 weeks... unbelievable... he's technically savyy and yet I'm sure he's frightened of not knowing processes and how things work cause as soon as he got there he said he would change everything from active directory to scripts, printer mappings... go figure

  • worldtraveller

    If I read you correctly, I think you should be your own boss. When I worked for someone else I always saw room for improvement. However I constantly overstepped. I kept forgetting I was a drone, not management. The solution? First - higher education. Then I opened up my own business. Ran it well for 25 years. Saved a whack of cash and retired @ 48. Sounds like you would be better off many steps higher up on the ladder.

    Perhaps a similar business like you do currently?

  • tsar_robles

    thanks guys. my it director (jw elder) ended up taking the bull by the horns and called both the ceo and jerk vp directly in front of my and my colleagues... he said to either get another tech and get rid of the 'project lead' and/or get him to communicate with us, work with us including the physical stuff, and also exposed the lead and said that he wouldn't go into details but just said that this guy needs management 101, 3 months after being hired he didnt even have our cell numbers, would get there late and leave early, kept pushing his assigned tasks to the network admin, etc... and offered no coordination whatsoever...

    he also asked to 'take care of the good working people' he has there and to stop beating us up and be telling us to keep internal things that he ought be aware of... such as this 'lead' guy fooling everyone...

  • tec


    Must be a weight off your shoulders, getting that kind of justification.


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