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  • dgp

    As a worldly, I realize that, if I were to say something about the Watchtower, it would almost always be something that I learned from someone else. I have few personal experiences of what the WT is like.

    The words of Ray Franz, for example, were a different matter. He knew the Beast from inside, to a level few other witnesses knew it. So his words carried weight. So do the words of many others who post here, on Freeminds, or elsewhere.

    Ray Franz's death made me think what will happen with what you guys know after you leave the forum, or pass away. How would other generations get to know this information? We know about the Greeks, for example, because there was always someone in history who thought it wise to preserve what they said. Who can preserve what you guys have to say? Suppose Simon died. Who would keep the forum?

    I gather that it's not many former witnesses who decide to launch a forum like this one, or write a book, or do a detailed and documented account of what happened at some point in the organization. Many of you decide to move on and live a different life.

    In sum: the information you have to share is important. How, who is going to preserve it for the future?

  • wasblind

    With the thing the scares the watchtower society the most "the internet".

  • confliction

    For every one influential gentleman that passes, one hundred more will stand in his place.
    If the forum doesn't get passed on, there will always be someone who will make a new one- and hopefully salvage the information stored here.

    The truth does not die.

  • sooner7nc

    We're like BeBe's Kids. "We don't die, we multiply"

    Cool, I got my obscure late 80"s reference out of the way for today.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Believe it or not, many people left the JWs before the internet.

    I first came across the internet more than 10 years ago and there were websites that do not exist anymore. They contained the same information, or at least similar information, to what is on this site. Although back then the UN/NGO issue hadn’t broken, nor was Silentlambs established back then. JWD was a pro-JW website as well.

    The information is out there. Freeminds is the one website that has never gone away, and I doubt it will be allowed to. Too many support it and I have no doubt Randy Watters has a strategy in place should he ever leave this planet.

    The information is out there. Besides this, the next generation is too savvy to accept the lies and false prophecies that many of us accepted. Critical thinking has allowed them to look at the religion of their parents and grandparents with an objective eye. The internet allows them to examine information presented to them, in a way that previous generations didn’t have available to them.

    Besides, this isn’t the only ex-JW support board in existence. There are others, catering the different stages of leaving the JWs. Silentlambs is for those who were sexually harmed, for example. Then, to the other extreme, you have the various forms of JWO (Jehovahs Witness Online) which has catered to those who have moved on beyond the exJW world. And I’m sure there’s many others that we may not be aware of.

  • gubberningbody

    If anyone wants to collaborate on a book, you can do so pretty easily with the tools over at blurb.com.

  • Palimpsest

    In sum: the information you have to share is important. How, who is going to preserve it for the future?

    This is why I cringe every time I read someone saying they burned or threw out their WT publications. Just as we need to preserve "apostate" info, we also need to preserve the source material so that it can be studied and learned from down the road.

  • StAnn

    Simon won't die. He'll live forever in a paradise on Earth.

    (Sorry, couldn't resist.)


  • jamiebowers

    Aside from other forums, there's tons of groups and information on FaceBook and YouTube.

  • EndofMysteries


    It will be erased from history when servers go down, things removed, etc.

    Gotta make sure a complete collection of all JW books, esp the oldest are preserved.

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