The Governing Body and the Sept 15, 2010 WT

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  • flipper

    I have found it interesting in reading Ray Franz's book " In Search of Christian Freedom " that he mentioned that through the years the governing body NEVER took advice from zone overseers & branch overseers when trying to even INVITE the advice ! They would have Ray Franz make multiple page reports to gather information so as to present it to the governing body about certain policy changes. Most ALWAYS - The GB NEVER bothered to read recommendations from very high up men in the organization . Nor were any changes EVER implemented due to these recommendations. It's not too far of a stretch to call the WT society leaders Nazi's who are enamored with their narcissistic sense of entitlement and power. Ridiculous

  • truthlover

    Just resurrecting this thread -- they are still pounding this thought to the pubs.. again this weeks BIBLE study last night -- the governing body of the first century!! -- well continue reading the scripture - it says that the older men, the APOSTLES AND THE CONGREGATION - not just a certain body of men called "THE GOVERNING BODY".... there is a huge difference when the congregation is also included in the making of a directive....

    No where was it mentioned that the congregation made an influence on the decision made on circumcision of the gentiles, yet the bible does not lie..they just swipe the info aside and move on with their thought to keep the control.

    They can't let go - they are constantly regurgitating the thought of control for their own means..

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    They're trying to convince everyone, themselves included, because they KNOW it isn't true.

    Are they still studying "Bearing Thorough Witness..." at the book study? That entire book is about how the current GB was established in the first century and so the current Borg is God's Christian arrangement.

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