So there was this duck...

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  • confliction

    One fine saturday morning you're sleeping in, when the doorbell rings.

    To your surprise, when you answer the door, it's- you guessed it- a duck.
    So the duck tells you, "Hello, my name is mallard. I talk to Jesus so you should listen to me because the world will end in 10 seconds."

    You say to the duck, "Interesting...", you say.

    3 minutes pass while the duck is hiding his cross, child abuse papers, and freemason symbols...


    You say to the duck, "The world isn't ending- you just told me that to scare me into believing you. You couldn't be talking to Jesus- you're just a regular old duck."

    The duck then says to you, "I cannot lie, because I have the holy spirit, and the holy spirit doesn't lie."
    You then say, "Well, then how do I know for sure you have the holy spirit? You just lied."

    "I am not lying. I did not lie." says the duck. "Sometimes it's just hard to hear Jesus..." .
    "Well, then how do I know you aren't lying, duck?", you say.

    The duck replies, "Because I have the holy spirit...".

    Any thoughs on this duck?

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Needs an orange pushed up its *** and stuffed in the oven till crispy!


  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse


  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Yes I would like to be a diciple of this duck.....where is his church??? Does he have a regular magazine??

  • VoidEater

    Duck needs to learn these lines: "My hearing is not so good - I can only hear what God is telling me. I don't know what God is telling you."

    I think God is telling the duck to commit suicide. Preferably by drowning in a sweet and sour sauce.

  • mrsjones5
  • MsDucky

    Don't eat me! I was brainwashed when I said that!

  • MsDucky
  • confliction

    MsDucky- Haha!

  • MsDucky

    Maybe, I should change my name to Chicken Little.

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