Letter By Native Chief Seattle Should Make BP/American Leaders Ashamed

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  • purplesofa

    I have been working with an artist on a drawing that is Indian.

    I finally got to meet him a few weeks ago after corresponding via email and facebook.

    Oddly enough he has a brother that is JW.

    His has done much to gain back his Indian roots, the most pleasant real man I have met in quite some time.

    I saw a documentary from the making of Dances With Wolves.

    Something brought out about the selling of land from the Indians,

    they had no concept of selling something they did not feel they rightfully owned.

    The land could not be owned by any man, it did not belong to man to sell.


  • flipper

    PURPLE SOFA- I'm glad you have been able to befriend a native American man. Sounds like a very nice person. And very true- I've read a lot on Native American's and researched- they didn't have any concept of owning the land or concepts of selling the land. In their culture EVERYBODY had use of the land, only the great spirit " owned " it. Humans were all to share it. That's why it was so morally repugnant that European's came over here forcing their culture of " ownership " of land onto the indians. Not to mention taking away their native tongues, cutting off their hair , and forcing their children into Catholic Schools. Other than those things- the start of the United States was pretty kind and generous. Not. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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