Whooping Cough Epidemic in California

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  • beksbks

    I assume all the rudeness and attacks here, are because the subject is frightening to you. No one wants to believe that such a valuable thing has such a horrible unknown attached to it. When someone comes along and points it out, it's more comforting to you to attack them, rather than have to face such an unpleasant reality.

    I did not once here say don't vaccinate. I did vaccinate. Thus my horrible, experience. Only be knowledgeable, know what to look for, educate yourself on reactions etc. Don't bury your head in the sand and say it doesn't happen. It is not failsafe, and there are more negative reactions out there than you might like to think. Look how many people right here on this thread know at least one person who has had a reaction. Restrangled's son also had a reaction. My own Pediatrician took his daughter to Japan for immunizations, because at that time they had a cleaner vaccine.

    PSac, are you aware that the Chicken Pox vaccine wears off? Are you aware that it is much more dangerous for an adult to get it than it is for a child? That previous to the mid '90's, we generally all got Chicken Pox? Normally we are exposed to a virus through the mouth or nose, where the mucous membranes start the immune system's work. Instead of straight to the bloodstream and in to the organs. It's like going through the airport security system or something, there are several checks of ID before you are allowed on the plane.

    As for Whooping Cough, it also wears off. You're all susceptible now, even if you were vaccinated.

    Pistoff, it wasn't junk science that made me stop my son's vaccinations, it was the two days in the emergency room . Not all vaccines are dead. And there certainly is more than anecdote on the dangers. You obviously are not familiar with the facts/history of this subject. What would make anyone think that vaccines unlike every single drug they advertise, doesn't have side effects?? Are you familiar with Thalidomide?

    The only reason I even responded to this thread is because immediately after the OP, the belittling insults began. Do you think it's easy for these parents to make this decision? Do you honestly assume that it is not an absolute heart wrenching stomach churning process?

  • beksbks

    Well, I started that post an hour ago, I had not seen HB's last post, or the subsequent ones.

    I'm sorry if I was rude HB, and I'm sorry for your experience.

    Some of you should be aware, that many of those who oppose vaccines today, are actually demanding safer, cleaner vaccines, not no vaccines.

  • Pistoff

    Thalidomide? What does this have to do with vaccine science?

    I do know something about vaccines. I know that there are fatalities. The fatalities are an infinitesmal fraction of the alternative.

    If one's child is the fraction, that is no solace I know.

    What I said, and I mean, is that vaccination has saved millions of lives. If vaccination rates drop, deaths will go up.

  • hamsterbait

    beks -

    I read what I said and I am sorry it came over so nasty - in a way I never intended.

    I reckon my mother still is tormenting herself (as any mother) when her choice has affected her children's lives.



  • SacrificialLoon
    As for Whooping Cough, it also wears off. You're all susceptible now, even if you were vaccinated.

    Adults are supposed to get booster shots/revaccinated every 10 years.

  • beksbks

    Thanks HB


    Ingesting Thalidomide is no different than being injected with a vaccine, in this way. You are putting your faith, in the Medical industry, the drug company, and your doctor. My point is that T was a disaster (one I narrowly escaped, Thanks Mom!), but at the time we were assured it was safe. In my post above I mention it only as an illustration, that we need to be informed and vigilant, and that doctors are not infallible.

    Fatalities are not the only result of a bad reaction. By the way, just curious, do you have children?

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