Expectations of the US President.

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  • JWoods

    He already told you he cannot plug the broken oil pipe in the gulf, Outlaw.

    No comment on Michael Jackson - I was sort of glad to be rid of him, but with the annniversary of his passing I realize we will have a rerun for a while.

  • beksbks

    Actually if you think about it Woods, the worst thing we could do right now would be quit spending. Inflation is pretty much nil right now. We have to keep things rolling, the populace needs to keep spending. If the populace is unemployed, how are they going to spend? If they don't spend, how will those businesses be able to start hiring again?

    I have changed my opinion on Afghanistan, I think it's time to come home, and start spending all that money here. Afghanistans GDP has tripled since we've been there.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    beksbks - Do you have any expectations for Obama?

  • JWoods
    Actually if you think about it Woods, the worst thing we could do right now would be quit spending. Inflation is pretty much nil right now.

    Do you have very many credit cards?

  • beksbks

    I have desires. Not necessarily expectations. I am also aware that we don't exactly have the luxury to work on some of the issues that I am most concerned about at the moment. We have some rather large and looming problems to be dealt with. I think it took us a long time to get here, and it's going to take a long time to recover.

    I would like to see us stop the trend of favoring large corporations. I think we need to address manufacturing and tariffs, so Americans can get working, and it becomes less attractive for companies to move offshore. I think we need universal health care, or at the least some kind of public option. I think we need to eliminate tax loopholes for large corporations, and raise taxes on the top 1-5ish percent. I would like to see us demand higher mileage standards, stop subsidizing oil, and start subsidizing alternative energy research. I'd like to see Unions supported and respected, and corporate influence on elections squashed.

    And a million other things. Do I expect Obama or any one President to achieve those goals? Of course not, I would be happy with steps forward.

  • BizzyBee

    I expect the President to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

    Or, speak softly and carry a big stick.

    I think Obama can do that, but it is not always recognized by everyone at the time. That's ok - he can wait for ya'll to catch up.

  • beksbks

    Sure I have a butt load of credit cards. Do I have any debt? A mortgage. But we are very fortunate, we don't need to use credit. If we were living on the edge, and needed to pay our bills, I'm sure we might run up quite a debt trying to stay afloat hoping for things to get better. Better that than lose a house or not eat.

    In this case, if we fund say unemployment, that means that people are able to continue to spend. Pay thier housing costs, utilities, food, gas, etc. That money now generates more money, by moving down the line. Keeping other people employed, and keeping them spending as well. If we cut that flow what do we have? The first guy in the scenario is no longer spending, so the landlord is now out that portion, he has to cut spending, the local grocery store, gas station, coffee shop, shoe store, etc. are now losing revenue, so they have to lay off or cut hours for thier employees who now have less to spend, and it's a vicious downward spiral.

  • sammielee24

    I expect the President to stand up for what is good for the citizens of the USA. If that means standing up against legalized bribery aka lobbying, then I expect him to do it. I don't expect my expectations to be met - by any President. Until the elections are removed from the money pit and into public funds, giving all people the same chance at a vote, cash will be king.

    In the case of spending, I agree that he can't stop spending in some sectors. It would be absolutely foolish to stop funding things like unemployment for any number of logical reasons. The fact is that for every dollar spent on unemployment, every dollar is put back into the system - remove those dollars and you reduce employment and income in all the sectors previously receiving those dollars. Would it be foolish to stop funding Afghanistan? Is it foolish to pay 100 MILLION to Blackwater in order to guard US diplomats? Is it foolish to continue paying BILLIONS to maintain bases all over the world? Dollars spent rebuilding Iraq and Afghanistan are not dollars spent within the USA and do nothing for the economic recovery here. Dollars spent on the military bases around the world prop up the revenue of those countries but do nothing for the economy of the USA.

    I realize that we can't look at all military and slash and burn, but what's the real cost and where can we cut? Should we be giving Israel and Africa BILLIONS in aide when the money is not spent in the USA?

    We have more prisons and prisoners than any other country in the world as a way to keep people building and keep people in jobs. Schools are laying off hundreds of teachers, a lot of nurses are out of work, accountants and journalists have been shut out - but the prison system keeps growing creating more jobs. Somehow we lost our manufacturing and ended up with a prisoner base who will work for private companies cheaper than any place over seas.

    Everything seems skewed....but I have no real expectations for any President. I had hope, but I'm not even sure I have much of that left. sammieswife

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