Liberals = Hipocrates

by Dark Side 23 Replies latest social current

    You want to attribute the words and actions of one extreme faction to all liberals?

    Why not? Liberals do it to conservatives in the same manner.

  • free2beme

    Sorry, not a liberal (Oh how lucky I am!!!) I think for myself and am not driven by emotion.

    So nice to not be in a liberal in this world

    ... or a liberal who destroys this country.

    I think for me, and not for you

    ... and do not care what people think of me!!!

    Not a liberal!!!

    Not a liberal!!!

    I know the mess of arguement

    ... of telling a liberal why they are a mess

    I spend my time in real thought

    ... and laugh at the emotional thoughts

    From a liberal!!!

    From a liberal!!!

    Life is good ... going reality, not emotion.

    Have a nice day ... until global warming destroys it, from all the government run health care products are dumped into a green themed trash despenser run by solar and wind power.

    Peace! ~~~~~~

  • beksbks

    Well, thanks for trying.

  • hemp lover
    hemp lover

    Voideater: "I guess I missed the lib meeting where we all got down on the Petraeus thing."

    I tried to invite you, but you had a Death Panel to attend that night.

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