Michael Jackson's children going in field service

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  • Gayle
  • isaacaustin

    and here i was told I oculd not go in service or give parts if my hair went below the collar!

  • serenitynow!

    Oh goodness, when does it end? These kids just will not be able to have normal lives. I thought the nonJW siblings were going to be able to keep the kids away from the KH.

  • RebeccaChi

    Ok. So does this now mean that these kids no longer celebrate holidays, associate with "worldly" friends, or take karate? I'm sure double standards are being made out of WTS desperation for new members.

    These poor kids!

  • undercover

    Poor kids...

    Seriously. First parented by a complete nutjob. Now under the guardianship of a devoted cult member.

    Those kids are totally fucked...

  • RebeccaChi

    I was hoping Janet would step it up a bit. Realistically, how much longer can "Sister" Jackson care for her grandchildren? 5 years? Who's taking over after? These kids seem so nice and sane, dispite everything that has gone on. The JW lifestyle must be such a shock to them. I wish some normal family could have adopted all three of them. It's not likely that they were around the Jackson Family much before Michael died.

  • Gayle

    The organization/congregation could have a very lenient spirit toward them for awhile,,,,,,,, until they get baptized.

  • Mary

    Never thought I'd say this, but maybe Debbie Rowe should have custody of them.

  • steve2

    This has stuffy public relations tokenism written all over it. We know money can buy almost anything - fame buys even more. Let's not kid ourselves: Rich and famous people do public appearances for very different reasons than other people. They claim normality but are a convenient breed apart.

    We need not burden ourselves by thinking these "poor" kids of Wacko Jacko are regularly spending hours in field service. No they are not. it's just enough time to be noticed and to give the appearance of doing so.

    These well-taken-care-of kids will be doing the wealthy equivalent of what other JWs kids do who are taken from door-to-door: keep one eye on the watch and the other checking text messages - oh, almost forgot, they'll be self-absorbed enought to take lots of time off mid-morning to go to MacDonalds.

    Yes, be interested in what these rich kids are doing - but spare the pity for worthy causes, please!

  • betterdaze

    Mary, I'm pretty sure MJ knew what he was doing when he chose his JW mother as his children's guardian.

    They will be watched very closely for a long, long time. "Worldly ones" will come to know how much it stinks growing up JW… field service, no holidays, "bad association," etc.

    Katherine's indoctrination (though well-meaning, I'm sure) cannot possibly reflect well on the Watchtower Organization. It's like a ticking time bomb from beyond the grave.


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