Video Review of New Brochure "The Origin of Life"

by Shepherd Book 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • NiceDream

    Great video! Looking forward to watching your upcoming video too.

  • Balsam

    Shepard Book, very well done. I like it very much

  • Copernic

    I would love to translate this video in French. Would it be possible to have the file in PowerPoint (or other format) please ?

    Thank you


  • Copernic

    Hey guys ! I don't have any news from Sheperd Book. So, I'm asking the question for the geeks...

    How did he do that ? PowerPoint file? Other program ?

    Thanks for your help & the clues given !!

  • Copernic

    I recently published on YouTube this video in French

    Inspired by the great work of Sheperd Book, I thought it was the perfect model for relevant critics on the Web 2.0

    A lot of French JW doesn't read or understand English, so I spent a week to translate the video (choosing 70% of the claims) and added 5 minutes of other critical analysis.

    Very good reception for the moment.

    Thanks again Sheperd Book for your idea !!! I think to use it for the second brochure Was Life Created?

    Cheers !!!

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