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  • RebeccaChi

    When I think back to my childhood, I get kinda sad. One of my first memories is of my mom dragging me down the stairs of the old Kingdumb Hell in West Allis, WI. I couldn't have been more than 3 years old. The basement was where the bathrooms were and a lot of smackings across the face went on for me. I remember vivedly hearing poor children being whipped with belts for not behaving (sitting still and being quiet for 2 hours) and mothers telling them it's for Jehovah. I remember kids crying the second their parents brought them into the Kingdumb Hell. I remember other kids getting treated better than me because both parents were "in the truth", and another mother with kids (and no husband in the cult) talking to my mom about how hurtful that is to her family. I remember my mom telling my brothers and I that my dad would die soon if he did not come to meetings. All of this . . . . by the ripe age of about 4. I could go on for days, and really should write a book.

    I would be really interested in knowing why anyone would ever sign up for this crap. I know the 70's were a different time, but was anyone shocked at how children were treated? Shunning your family and former friends because they were not Witnesses? Giving up holidays for reasons that never really made much sense?

    Please share your stories . . .

  • mrsjones5

    I would love to ask my grandmother (technically my great-grandmother) why she signed up for the the late 40's.

  • jdub4life?

    I am a born-in and I am very interested as well...good question.

    ~ Betsy

  • dgp

    A lovely woman who made me worship the soil she stepped on, and lack of information. But I'm not in, and never was.

  • The Finger
    The Finger

    I was often in big trouble for not paying attention but it is really hard at 4 to listen to Daniels prophecies and be interested.

  • snowbird

    I was born and raised way back in the sticks, therefore, had little contact with the outside world.

    The Baptist church had been my anchor, but due to the fact that the old ones were dying off and the young ones were all going up North, I had very little in the way of family or community support.

    When the JW's arrived, I bought into their grand promise of a united brotherhood.

    The rest is history.


  • blondie

    Spanking children in the 1970's was viewed very differently than now.

    I founds this statement:

    Despite seemingly idyllic conditions for childrearing, Sweden moved into the 1970's with widespread child abuse. Corporal punishment in the schools had been banned in 1958; however, the harsh beatings of the previous era - as well as less severe forms of physical punishment - persisted in the privacy of home life. A major Swedish research project concluded that child abuse constituted one end of a large continuum beginning with physical punishment, and that stopping all physical punishment was the "gateway" to preventing most child abuse (4).

    I have noticed that spanking decreased in this area among non-jws and jws from that time. I have found that some areas in general jw or non-jw favor spanking still.

    I don't believe in spanking...after all when you make a mistake at work, your boss will not be calling you into her/his office to spank you (I hope not). I don't believe in stronger people hitting little people.

  • chickpea

    the calendar year in which i lost
    a beloved older brother and an
    unborn son, they knocked on the
    door and told me paradise earth
    and resurrection meant the loss
    was only temporary, for he shall
    wipe away every tear....

    i couldnt handle the real truth...
    so i settled for their lies...

    so i lost michael and paul
    and 20 years of my life...

    sucking it up and getting on with THIS life now

  • RebeccaChi

    Blondie - I loved your (I hope not) comment. Lol!

    Chickpea - I'm so sorry for your loss of brother and son so many years ago. At a time like that I think I would want to believe anything of hope that came my way as well.

  • Mad Dawg
    Mad Dawg

    My cousin joined because he couldn't stand the thought that his father was in Hell. He joined for a hope of seeing his dad again.

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