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    Welcome 2014CountDown

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    Page 15 Par 16
    In some
    parts of Christendom, church leaders try
    to bring people from different sects together
    by downplaying previously divisive
    doctrines. However, downplaying doctrines
    leaves people with a shallow faith and certainly
    does not unite the divided house of

    Page 21 par 1
    CHRISTENDOM’S churches have human
    leaders, such as the pope of Rome, the
    patriarchs and metropolitans of the Eastern
    Orthodox churches, and the heads of other
    religions. Jehovah’s Witnesses RECOGNIZE NO
    HUMAN AS THEIR LEADER. They are NOT disciples
    or followers of ANY man.

    Page 27 par 10
    Today, most congregation elders are of the
    other sheep. They are appointed after prayer
    and under the guidance of the holy spirit,
    so they too can be regarded as underChrist’s
    direction, or guiding hand.
    They recognize, HOWEVER, that Christ is using
    A SMALL GROUP OF anointed Christian
    MEN as a Governing Body TO LEAD AND DIRECT
    his disciples on earth

    Page 28 par 15
    This refers to
    Christ’s coming as Judge to separate people
    of “all the nations” into two categories:
    “the sheep,” those WHO will have actively
    SUPPORTED spiritual brothers (ANOINTED
    Christians on earth) and “the goats,” those
    “who do NOT OBEY the good news about our
    Lord Jesus.”

    Page 29 par 17
    "May we
    faithfully follow our royal Leader"

    SO IN SUMMARY........the entire 9/15/10 WT brings to light that.....

    ALL of Christendom is lead by HUMAN leaders. That they attempt to unite their sects by dismissing PREVIOUSLY DIVISIVE doctrines. That by lying and covering up, they don't do anything but loose the trust of it's members.

    BUT thankfully, the Watchtower and all JW's are NOT lead by ANY human, that GOD DIRECTLY leads them! SO, everything published is not from MAN, but from GOD HIMSELF! Now the way God does this, is through his faithful slave, which are all annointed worldwide, yet in God's wisdom, it's a SMALL GROUP OF MEN who LEAD his people. So anything they say to do, is from God himself. If anybody does NOT follow their lead, they are NOT following God and will be judged as goats. Are we not thankful how JW's are not lead by man but God himself through a group of men?

  • EndofMysteries

    Let's open up our new 'Sing Praises to GB songbooks" and sing song #666

    Here are some 'quotes' from the songs in the 9/15/10 meeting schedule

    #25 proof of discipleship

    "This is a law we must all obey" "Nother other place could we ever find. Friends showing love of this rare kind."

    #119 come be refreshed

    "By wholesome instruction from God fearing men, we learn how our faith can be shown" (So we can't from teh bible, but from the GB)

    "Our meetings refresh us and brighen our hope; they help us build faith in our God. "

    "Our meetings instruct us in ways that are right"

    "And here at these meetings we'll learn how to live"

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    Welcome, 2014!

    As far as the 09/15 WT --

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    I am out over 13 years and this was not news too me ... heard this many times before, in the past.

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    yes we have come full circle....

    all those good intentions -----GONE

    Now we have 3 classes of JW:

    1) R&F

    2) anointed

    3) GB-anointed

    wonder how that is suppose to work in heaven and in the new system.....????

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    Hi....I'm new to this board so hello all!

    I'm married to a witness, because of this studied for a couple of years and realized that it definitely wasn't for me. Spending the rest of my life following the direction of a group of unknown men in New York? No thanks. There are many issues I totally disagreed with including the concept of the "anointed" and other sheep....disfellowshipping for ridiculous things like smoking, taking blood, or publicly disagreeing with the leadership.....and disfellowshipping in and of itself. There were the many, many odd things that witnesses believed and then disavowed over the years. And then there's the incredible tedium of meetings. Regurgitating over and over again what the GB calls fine spiritual food. I call it programming. Once I GET the love my neighbor as myself (ALL neighbors).....why do I have to keep reading it over....and over....and over ad nauseum for the rest of my life? Really.... it seems like making a god out of the message....just like other Christian groups make a God out of Christ.

    The WTS is a pyramid shaped organization with the men at the top claiming the right to make decisions for the rest of the sheep just like the Catholics for instance. The sense of POWER at the top must be intoxicating. I guess I'm preaching to the choir here and assume from the posts I've read that most of you are ex or considering being ex witnesses. I hear a lot of anger being expressed and rightly so. It's the anger at having been conned and lead by the nose and finding out what lies behind the curtain. A bunch of righteous old men....claiming that their writings are equal to Christ himself teaching! What incredible hubris.

    How do I get through to my wife that she's in something approximating a cult? Well I can't. I've been married 5 years and even though she's an extremely intelligent woman....when it comes to religion she is of the blind being led by the blind. Nothing I've ever said or pointed out has ever rocked her faith in the least. She has a (JW) answer to every question. What incredible programming. Blind faith is amazing. can lead to dangerous places. Of course it's not just JW's. Many religions have adherents that are absolutely sure that what they believe in follow is God's honest truth.

    Being "in the truth".....what a misnomer! Judge Rutherford had one thing right. Religions ARE a snare and a racket!!!

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    Time to start feigning interest again......

    Tell wifey you were on the public domain site '' and found a boat load of historical WTS publications which had been preserved digitally!

    Neat stuff!.... wooo-hooo

    Gee honey, I love you and want us to be 'closer'....... I think I am willing to give the WTS another try if you help me read through theses older pubs! Why looky here dear wife it is Russell's first magazine with a man named Barbour lets read it together-- you can count me as a study!...

    If she agrees ..... I would expect her to make it out of Rutheford still believing.

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    Black Sheep

    I just noticed that this thread was started by a newbie, and another has joined already.

    Welcome to the forum.

    Stick around and you might learn some questions the dubbies can't answer. Unfortunately they have techniques for squirming out of answering them, so you have to learn how to head them off at the pass too.



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    Welcome 2014CountDown, loveisenuff and anyone else new!

    The anointed and their other sheep companions recognize that by following the lead of the modern-day Governing Body, they are in fact following their Leader, Christ.

    Strange how Jesus said on numerous occasions to follow Him but didn't once mention any organisation?

    Matthew 4:19, Matthew 8:22, Matthew 9:9, Matthew 10:38, Matthew 16:24, Matthew 19:21

    Nothing has changed since then, save some prophecies are coming to pass.

    Luke 21:8 (New International Version)

    8 He replied: "Watch out that you are not deceived. For many will come in my name, claiming, 'I am he,' and, 'The time is near.' Do not follow them.



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