The Theocratic Life and Times of Theodore Jaracz - NEW

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  • Lozhasleft

    Very interesting article..thank you. Appalling that I trusted the GB for so long with guys like him at the helm.

    Loz x

  • wannaexit

    WOOOW! Teddy is right in line with the madmen that have ruled watchtower. Thanks for the article......

  • geevee

    Wasn't there a piece written on silent lambs some years back, about him being accused by a woman for molestation when he was a c/o?

  • snowbird
  • Dogpatch

    I think Teddy was despised by as many inside the organization as outside!


  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Whenever I watch "Mad Men" on cable TV, I think of the politics going on in the WT headquarters.

    Although "Mad Men" is set in an advertising agency in the 1960s, during the early Kennedy presidency era, there are many similarities to the way the WT Society was run during that same time and up into the mid-1980s.

    Everyone is properly dressed. The men in middle and upper management are all striving for higher office. Women are secretaries or given menial jobs - and are treated badly or simply ignored by the men.

    The whole purpose of the organization is to make their clients (many of whom are crooked or in trouble with the authorities) look good, but painting rosy pictures in their advertising of vacations in paradise, appearances of happiness and wealth, achieving higher social status for the common folk.

    There is a lot of drinking going on.

    Some of the lower managers, writers, and artists come up with new ideas, only to see their ideas either stolen or poopooed by upper management. If they complain, they are fired or demoted.

    Women are treated like cattle, and only one or two break through the barriers and into management - but they are not given public credit for their work - that always goes to their bosses.

    Watch a few episodes of "Mad Men" or rent a season or two from Netflix. Clear your head and think Bethel HQ and Columbia Heights instead of advertising and Madison Avenue as you watch it. Not all matches, but there is enough to give you insight into what goes on in the offices of the GB, the Service Department, and the Writing Department.

  • AndersonsInfo

    I'd like to explain what was meant in my article when it was said that Jaracz put the Bible first, not the organization. Usually, Jaracz is identified in our minds as first and foremost an organization man and he picked only organization men to groom to be Governing Body members. However, the context actually explains what was meant in my quote:

    Also, he said the UK branch was unhappy with Brooklyn and they and the leadership at the Australian branch were pushing to have Brooklyn overhauled and to abandon the two-Witness policy. Nevertheless, the preservation of “God’s organization” was second to Jaracz, the Bible teaching was first.

    The two branches were unhappy and wanted Brooklyn overhauled and to “abandon the two-Witness policy” It was that Bible-based policy they wanted Brooklyn to abandon and to Jaracz that Bible teaching was first, or as trebor observed, “his believed interpretation” of that scripture was first. To the leadership of those two branches, the use of that scripture in molestation accusations was causing all the problems. However, to Jaracz, this Bible teaching was first even though it meant the “organization” i.e. the UK and Australian Branches were unhappy, but they were of secondary concern to him.

    For those of you who would like to hear Jaracz’s personal views about the events happening in 2001 connected with the then up-coming NBC Dateline program, here’s a link to a lengthy telephone conversation that former Witness and frequent Watch Tower critic, Alan Feuerbacher, had with Ted Jaracz back in 2001 that is most illuminating.

    or at bottom of: Viejo 2: Excellent observation which I wholeheartedly agree with.


  • flipper

    My wife and I just listened to the entire Alan Feuerbacher interview of Jaracz ; admittedly I almost dry heaved a couple of times when Jaracz was using cult loaded phrases like " imperfection " in regards to pedophiles and child abusers. Alan was smooth as silk though. I thought it was pretty cool that he didn't state he was inactive until the END of the conversation. That way he was able to get Jaracz to communicate more openly with him. Very smart tactic for us to use at the door with JW's - not revealing we are in or connected with the organization until the end of discussion. I always tell JW's I'm an unbelieving relative with relatives who are JW's trying to get me to join. That REALLY extends conversations.

    Thanks so much for supplying this valuable and interesting info on Jaracz - Randy, Barbara & Joe

  • teel

    Very interresting article, thank you. I wonder how much of this info will make it in the inevitable life summary that will be printed in a WT

  • jookbeard

    excellent article, what a pair of jackass's Knorr and Jaracz really were and that whore Malita cant have been much better.

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