Thanks to the J.W.s im soon to be homeless, living in tent!

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Sorry to hear the Witness wreaking ball has hit your family.

  • lisavegas420

    After your mom goes into the nursing home, all of her SS money will go for her care at the home. How does your sister plan on making money then?

    You might have to rethink your plan too. I believe you have to have a legal address to receive food stamps, ie; "1st green tent under the tree on the left side of the park" might not work.

    Maybe contact an attorney in Elderly Law, find out what your rights are.

    Sorry you're have to go thought this.


  • moshe

    If the home was in your mother's name, nursing home care cost's would have eventually taken the home anyway and then your mother would qualify for medicade. It's not the JW's that are the issue here, but getting old. Everyone needs to plan for their old age and retirement- however, JW's are among the worst group of people who fail to do that. My Dad was in a nursing home before he died and we had to sell his home, too. Better planning 10 years before that would have allowed his estate to keep the home, but my Dad refusued to look into a trust. Perhaps he though we were trying to take away control over his life.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    She could work but don't want to take away from "service" time, cuz Jahova comes first.

    That sounds like a self-righteous JW. Cause your brother to be homeless, so you can devote yourself to serving the WTS publishing cult full time. Do these people even grasp the basics of christianity or humanity for that matter?

    Think About It

  • SnakesInTheTower

    Neither your sister or you should expect to see any of that money if Medicaid is going to be involved in paying for your mother's care. If your sister sells the cabin and then your mother goes into a nursing home supported by Medicaid, Medicaid will look to see if there have been any transfers/infusion of wealth (ie, the sale or transfer of real estate) to avoid that money going to pay for nursing home care. One cannot do that within I believe 2 years of entering a nursing home and applying for Medicaid to care fo her. Don't think your sister can pioneer and expect to live off of the proceeds, whether all or all goes to the nursing home first.

    The mother of a friend of my fiancee's went into a nursing home. She had to sell the home first, use of those proceeds first, before Medicaid kicks in. home sells first, $72,000 proceeds.... at $7,000 a month in the nursing home... money disappears like tree limbs in a grinder....via nursing home invoices.... she then is considered impoverished, becomes a ward of the state...voila... no proceeds from the sale of the home for the daughters.,2094,31446711_31945377,00.html is the link for eligibility in Georgia. Looks like asset limit is $2,000 and $24K per year in income for nursing home. If it is for aged, blind, disabled, it appears the income limit is next to nothing ($3,800/yr).

    So, as in the example above, she had to spend down her assets before Medicaid kicked in (this is Illinois, but the rules are similar elsewhere).

    It is a sucky system. As someone else posted, JWs are notoriously bad about retirement planning. As an ex-JW, I have about $2 in savings, enough to hold open the account and enough in checking and income coming in to pay monthly expenses. I literally am living paycheck to paycheck for the first time in 3 years. Anything happens to me, I have no long term care retirement, etc. Whatever social security disability pays... if it is there.

    Hope your situation works itself out.

    Snakes (Rich )

    PS.....Thanks Watchtower. I believed you.

  • mimimimi

    You should be able to get a post office box in order to get food stamps. My son (bipolar) did.

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