Thanks to the J.W.s im soon to be homeless, living in tent!

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  • outlander

    Should have seen it coming. Don't want to rehash my personal situation, anyone who's read my former posts will know it. Anyone who cares can look them up and get the gist of the situation. But it now looks as if because I live below my sister, who owns the cabin, that since I refuse to become a witless she is has decided to sell the place, put our 82 yr old mother in a Nursing Home, she has Alzheimers, and move in with another Witless lady so she can devote herself to full time door to door work. Fine, I'm 59 yrs old, little resources, will probably be forced to head to the National Forest here, actually thats all there is here, with my 75 lb. dog and live in a tent, get food stamps, and drive into "town" every week and look for work. I don't actually think she will sell the cabin because of the market here in tourist country. North Georgia, but one never knows. I am demanding half the money if she sells it. We'll see. There is more to this story than I care to get into at the moment. I have to leave for a couple of hours but will check here upon return. Just wanted to post this, feel like sharing the "Good News of Jahova"!

  • StAnn

    Can you take care of the place on your own and take care of your mother? Does the house belong to your mother? Can you get in-home care through your local Council on Aging so your mother can stay home?

    So sorry you're under all this stress. Chin up, it's not set in stone yet!

    Before your sister does ANYTHING, go see a lawyer and see what rights you have re: your mother's care and your home.


  • moshe
    that since I refuse to become a witless she is has decided to sell the place,

    Sorry for your bad fortune- the 'ol, you reap what you sow, can bite anyone who has been in a cult-religion. As I look back, I was lucky to get the boot from my JW spouse when I was 39 ( I am 60 now)- but anyone over 50 is between a rock and a hard place in this economy. Right now, you need to accumulate some money and when SS kicks in you might be able to move overseas to a low cost country, like the Phillipines.

  • today

    "Before your sister does ANYTHING, go see a lawyer and see what rights you have re: your mother's care and your home."

    I second that. Don't get sad just yet. You might be quite surprised when you find out just how much rights you do have. I am sorry that you and your sister can't just settle this between each other.

  • mutinyinheaven

    yes, check your rights. here in san francisco there's a lot of tenant rights where they will do everything before you are kicked onto the streets....and a family house, you're probably in better position than you think. your mom can switch you to primary care giver, etc.

    it sucks, but isn't great seeing the jw justifications from the outside and see just how horrid they are. and to be out of that brainwashing.

  • manicmama

    I am so sorry to hear of your predicament. What home is she sending your mother to? Depending on the state in which you live there may be options for you. Who is your mother's appointed guardian? If she has none then you have rights as well as your sister. Since you have been living on the property, have you been supporting your mother and helping with her care? Consult a lawyer as soon as possible, if you have no money, consult a legal aid society. Do this ASAP before your sister has anything in place to contradict you. Good Luck, MM

  • outlander

    Thanks for all the ideas. Heres some answers to the many questions. Mother is too far gone mentally to even know where she is or who anyone is anymore. Has to be spoon fed and no longer speaks. Morgage is too high every month to pay. Sister had herself appointed legal guardian years ago and has used mothers monthly income to pay the morgage every month while not able to, or wanting to, work full time as an RN, which she is. She works 3 mornings a week, 3 hours a day, and also gets paid to watch mom. When mother dies, house goes, period! We had a long talk. She has promised to give me half of any money made if cabin sells. Might not be much in this market!! Still, it would be better than forclosure. This bomb was just dropped on me this afternoon. I am still woking things out in my mind. Girlfriend might be able to take me in but her son owns the home that she's living in and I've never met the guy. Thing is none of this would have happened if she wasn't so Gung Ho on going door to door. She could work but don't want to take away from "service" time, cuz Jahova comes first. Funny thing is just last month she was saying how much she loved this place. It's like a see saw, back and forth it goes, or up and down rather. I just hope the place sells. Anyone want a duplex log cabin surrounded by forest with a spring fed creek in the back, deer roaming in the woods and wild bears for neighbors? Talk to me, first $200,000 gets it!

  • freydo

    Your sister will probably wind up having a part at an assembly about the benefits of downsizing for the sake of the good news. I'm surprised my sister didn't become a jw. Got a heart of pure concrete - but loves animals.

  • StAnn

    Does your poor mother have any life insurance? I'm just asking because if you want to stay in the house, perhaps you're share of the life insurance could cover your half of the cabin.

    My grandmother died of Alzheimer's and my mother is suffering from it now. It's very upsetting to see people you love like that. My mother hasn't know me in almost a year. I'm sorry for the loss of your mother, although she's still alive she's lost to you in many ways.


  • Matthew 46:79
    Matthew 46:79

    Jahooba will take kayr of yoo! ok so all kidding aside, I am sorry to hear this. I hope you get everything sorted out. Look into your rights and hope that your sister will see reason.

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