Finally got CoC!!.....Not really what I had expected.

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    Ok, so I finally picked up CoC from my local library last night. And started reading it like crazy. I think I read about 70 pages which brought me close to the end of the second chapter: "Governing Body". While I must say that so far, the book is actually very very interesting, it doens't really seem to contain more than a life story, with a man who started to become disgruntled because his ideas were not taken very seriously. And when they were finally accepted, he became dissatisfied because he did not get all the pats on his back he was expecting.

    I must admit that his "inside" knowledge and details did help me reaffirm my previous ideas of how one should see things that come from the governing body. For example: I had already extensively researched some of the doctrines or beliefs that had changed several times during the 1950-1980 period. I had already come to the conclusion that while the Governign Body might have the best intentions, their personal feelings and upbringing definetely get in the way. Reading about Ray's experience with other GB members and their reactions to some of the issues at the time has definetely convinced me that the GB is not to be blindly obeyed, and that I'm entitled to my own opinion and set of beliefs. At the same time, the fact that anyone with a differing oppinion is right away tossed out, means I have to be careful how I exercise this.

    Here is one thing that bothered me. At some point Ray makes reference to the book "Proclaimers", and points out the fact that it mentions how JW tried to adhere to the 1st century GB arrangement from the time Russel was around. Then he goes on and on talking about how Russel considered himself to solely be the F&DS appointed by Jesus, and how Rutherford was such a big meanie. Here's my point, Ray had already talked about how sometimes, when he was writing about whatever, his own desire to make things conform to the teaching of the GB and WT doctrine did get in the way a little bit. Even explaining how far he went to try to prove the whole 607BC thing. So could it be that the brother writing this section in the "proclaimers" book did the same thing?? Could have been a personal idea, or maybe information he wrongly got from someone else and just took it as accurate. Just seemed like a lot of ranting to neither prove or disprove anything. Especially considering the fact that most JW do know that at first The Bible Sudents had a sole president, and the GB arrangement did not come in till a while later.

    So, I don't know. When I got this book, I said to myself I'd read it with an open mind and no bias whatsoever, neither for the WT or "Apostates". And it actually felt pretty good last night. Like I said, there were a lot of very good points that helped me to clarify some personal ideas. So there!!! Those are my impressions so far......any thoughts????

    Jedi Master

  • zoiks

    Glad to hear you're reading it! Now get back to reading

  • UnConfused

    The book In Search of Christian Freedom was more "important" for me. That and Gentile Times, but CoC was a helpful read.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze
    And when they were finally accepted, he became dissatisfied because he did not get all the pats on his back he was expecting.

    If you think he was seeking pats on the back, then you missed the point.

  • teel

    Anyway, it seems to me you got the main message of the book right. At least this is what was most important to me from the book too: "the GB is not to be blindly obeyed, and that I'm entitled to my own opinion and set of beliefs"

  • What-A-Coincidence

    finish it and get back

  • Leirben

    Um...keep reading! CoC has been the most important book I have read in my life. Ray Franz became a hero to me - not because of all he went through, or that he stood up to them, or even that he had the presence of mind to keep track of everything to write a book on it. He is a hero to me because of his humility, his kindness, his few people manage to write about their experiences with the organization without bitterness and/or exaggeration. But he was able to do so. His love for these people shines right out of the text...I don't think he was searching for a pat on the back or that he ever "ranted" about anything. Or that he wrote this book to promote his or push his own beliefs on other people.

    With all of us I think there are one or two things that jump out at us from the organization's teachings to really make us sit up and think. Then when our eyes are opened all of a sudden we see so many of the other things that are wrong with it. I think the book is just Ray's journey through that. He takes you through his intial "AHA!" moment and then he turns his attention to all the other things he witnessed.

    And it's not a book solely for Christians by any means - I no longer consider myself Christian but his book remains a treasure to me. I hope you continue to read and that some of the information you find helps you. Thank you for starting this topic...I think I feel inclined to open up my copy and read it again!

  • undercover

    Knowing how Mr. Franz lived the remainder of his life beyond the WT cult, I feel pretty certain that he wasn't looking for pats on the back or glory or anything. Even though he wrote this book, he seemed to not want to be put on a pedestal as "leader of the apostate movement" or anything. If he didn't want the accolades from the disgruntled ex-JW community, I seriously doubt he was after accolades while in the cult.

    Insider books are tricky things sometimes. People who were forced out or treated badly, strike back with "tell-all" books looking to hurt the group that hurt them. CofC, to me, never came across that way however. It was a more 'just the facts, ma'am' kinda thing.

    Of course, I have to admit, I've never read the book front to back. I've read all of it, but at different times and I hopped around. I use the book more as a reference guide. If I need want to refresh my memory on a particular scandal or teaching change, then I go back and re-read those chapters.

  • Gayle

    The baffling thing though as you read on, is that often when Ray would talk issues to several GB members they were agreeable and could see his point, however, after time, they proved to resort back to the stubborn standing of the organization regardless and later turned on Ray. They could see many facts but decided to reject the facts; that was his disappointment, not the lack of 'pats.'

  • PSacramento

    Ray didn't want ANY pats on the back, he wanted the GB to be true to God and Jesus, not to themselves.

    They weren't.

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