At last the explanation of "Generation" its in Exodus chp 6

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  • isaacaustin

    It seems they are trying to use the example of Joseph's brothers (who were a generation) and hit on the different ages...then apply this to people of different age groups (but not of the same father as Joseph was)...but paint the picture of it all being the same contemporary time period...thus trying to justify calling 'this generation' 2 overlapping generations. They are really intermingling two different ideas of the of which is totally irrelevant. I can seriously see them dumping these definitions and weak attempts down the road and simply calling it a spiritual generation...or a 'generation of understanding'

  • JWinprotest

    The WT is not even trying anymore. Back in the day, they used to be a lot more creative when it came to making up BS, but I think they finally realized they really don't have to put in so much effort.

  • Quandry

    They are siblings in a spiritual sense. All brothers? The 144,000 are spiritually the 12 tribes. These are the last of the brothers that overlap in the time of the end?

    If this is the explanation, then the "brothers" should overlap all the way back to the first century. Just being in "the time of the end" wouldn't mean that the rest of the "annointed" weren't part of the generation, if they are all considered siblings.

  • isaacaustin

    Or how about this generation being all servants of God all the way back to Abraham! LOL Since He is the God of the living. LOL

  • designs

    Pre-Tribulation Preterism............

  • peacedog

    Is this really the best they can come up with?

    The verse says "Joseph and all his brothers and all that generation"...... not "Joseph and all his brothers and all their children and all their grandchildren and all their great-grandchildren and all that generation".

    Ex 1:6 actually contradicts their latest generation interpretation...

  • TD

    A generation is a group of contemporaries. They said it themselves.

    A generation is not a group stretched out in time to the point where the lives of 1% of the group overlap while the lives of the other 99% do not.

    What they're doing is no different than claiming that there was a generation of the Hundred Years' War

  • The Finger
    The Finger

    Wouldn't it count that these spiritual brothers didn't get raised to life until 1918 and so are all alive in the time of the end? They sing to each other.

  • donny

    In the distant future the explanation might go like this.

    Watchtower - July 1, 2035.

    So what is a generation? It is a term that has a wide meaning. It can be as little as 20 years or much longer depending on its use. So what did Jesus mean when he said "this generation will by no means pass away until these things occur?" (Matthew 24:34) Well Jesus is often referred to as the "second Adam" and both men are identified as a "son of God" in the Bible. Since some 4000 years overlap between Adams appearance on earth with that of Jesus', we can logically call that period a "generation."

    So how long was the generation Jesus spoke about in Matthew 24:34? Evidently he was referring to the lives of those who saw Adam overlapping with the ones who were contemporaries with Christ. This shows how important it is to trust in Jehovah’s organization as this now gives us ample time to ensure the good new is preached to everyone before the day of Jehovah arrives. Can that day arrive sooner? Possibly, but we will have to wait and see if the day that Jehovah has chosen receives approval from the one appointed over all his belongings.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Of course a serious problem using that verse in Exodus with their interpretation, is the timeline that JWs use for the Hebrews in Egypt. If they're saying that Joseph and all those who lived contemporaneously with him died, how much time passed? Well, if we were to say that old Joseph was the same "generation" as a baby that he held sometime before his death, we would expect another hundred years to pass before the generation died... but that didn't happen. According to the narrative, there was a change in rulership in Egypt after they all died, then the Hebrews were mistreated, and later Moses was born to Jochabed. Problem is, Jochabed was only a granddaughter or perhaps only a daughter of Levi. There was only the passage of 60ish years (sorry, don't have the number off the top of my head) from the death of Joseph until Moses was born. A lot of people would have had to die very quickly according the the nulite JW "generation" interpretation.

    The narrative makes it clear that Joseph's generation that died included his siblings and those of his age among the Hebrews and Eqyptians. It couldn't have included all of their children or grandchildren whose lifespans would have overlapped. Really, in the fictitious dates and numbers in the Bible, it is necessary that the Hebrew women would each be popping out dozens of children every year in order to produce the massive number of Hebrews that left Egypt.

    Their new interpretation is terribly flawed and completely contrasts with anything previously published by them. Did Freddie really believe that he and I were the same generation?

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