Found: Octagon Soap!

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  • edward612

    lovely soap, anyway

  • snowbird

    Yes, very lovely.


  • AGuest

    Omigosh, Miz Sylvie (peace to you, girl!)... talk about a walk back down memory lane!!

    The galvinized tub with water from the well (or saved up rainwater if there was any left)! Heated up in a HUGE blue/gray enameled kettle... on a huge stove that was heated by cord wood!!

    Exchange the Camay for Ivory Soap (oh, my poor skin HATED that soap!!)... or Ivory Snow Flakes (if the bi-weekly trip to the "grocery" store, where they sold THE best loaf bolonga and SOFTEST white bread in the WORLD... which, when topped with a dollop of Helmann's Mayonnaise was like CAVIAR to our little country-butt palates!!)... was missed for some reason.

    Oh, and you left out the Jergins "rubdown"... the talcumed "parts" (usually Cashmere Bouquet brand, too)... the Vaselined-up elbows and knees... and the Dixie Peached braids!

    Wow. THANK YOU, mah sistah! GREAT post!!

    SA, on her own... skippin' down Memory Lane and reminiscin' 'bout 'dos 'summas back "down home" in Virginia...

  • Jim_TX

    "kirks castile"

    I like that soap for hand washing. It is Cocoanut oil soap, and works well on getting car grease off of the hands.

    I used to get it at the local grocery store, then it disappeared. I then found it at - of all places - Cracker Barrel. Yuppers, Kirk's Castille Soap is still in business.

    Here's one fer ya. I go back a ways, and can remember when we would go door-knocking, and the folks would tell us they had no money. We would reply that we could trade the magazines for a bar of soap or a box of jello. I collected several bars of soap that way, and my mom didn't want them, so they went into my sock drawer to smell fragrance up my socks.


    Jim TX

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Someone ought to whip up a batch of Dr. Russell's Miracle Pyramid Soap for an apostatafest.

  • snowbird

    LOL at this thread's revival.

    AGuest, we had a "rolling store" come to our little hamlet every 2nd Wednesday.

    The proprietor made sure he had a stock of what is now known as "ethnic" hair products.

    Jim, I remember Kirk's Castile Soap well, and I've heard of trading literature for other goods.

    Nathan, I wonder what kind of toiletries Russell did use.


  • AGuest
    LOL at this thread's revival.

    Oh, oops, sorry, Miz Sylvie (peace to you!). I've been kind of out of it (and the loop) for a bit, so I didn't notice the date. Either, it was a very "feel good" thread for me, so thank you!


    SA, on her own...

  • coffee_black

    Ivory soap brings back memories for a huge slipper tub that sat on claw feet...

    This thread reminds me of something my dad used to say:

    Flattery is soft soap

    Soft soap is 90% lye (lie)

    and if you use too much you'll be all washed up.


  • Twitch
    I'm gonna make some dodecahedron soap. That'll piss off the pythagorians.

    Archimedes would be proud,...

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