Removal of Tetragrammaton from Early Greek Manuscripts

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  • jhine

    Hi Smiddy , in answer to your question I would reiterate what I said in my last post ( above ) . I genuinely feel that this insistance of theirs that Jehovah should be shoehorned into the NT wherever they can manage it is for theological reasons .

    They also add words , like " a " and " other " to make the Bible fit their teaching . We know that they misquote the Early Church Fathers to make it appear that the doctrine of the Trinity was introduced at the council of Nicea .

    They do whatever they can to negate the theology of the Christian ( Trinitarian ) church .

    Lurkers , take note and CHECK THIS STUFF OUT .


  • umbertoecho

    Thanks for all that information people. I had no idea that three letters were the sum total of what I thought was the Tetragrammaton. Question. What does the name or expression Trismegistus mean, does it not mean "thrice greatest"? Could this have anything to do with Christ?

    This is not a well-put question, but it is the best I can do in trying to find out where this expression came from and how it relates to the Tetragrammaton.

  • jhine

    Hi Umbertecho , I had not heard of this word so Googled it .

    " Hermes Trismegistus is quoted as the founder and pioneer of alchemy , astrology , and Magic "

    " The origin of the name Trismegistus meaning " thrice - greatest " refers to the three subjects he was the pioneer of " .

    I have never heard of this word being applied to Jesus , indeed , as I said I had not heard of it all before your post ! .

    I have never heard of the three letters being used instead of the Tetragrammaton either . Could someone elaborate on that please .

    I did find a site linking them to some pagan gods , but nothing about being substitutes for the Tetragrammaton .


  • Vidiot

    Once again, for the newbies, lurkers, and trolls...

    ...if you have to cheat to defend your beliefs, your beliefs don't deserve to be defended.

  • jhine

    I did some more digging and found some writing by Prof ( I think ) D M Murdock talking about IAO being the Greek transliteration of the Tetragrammaton , but I've not read it all so I'm not sure about the credibility of the claim .


  • WireRider

    I am confused why the WT/JW is highjacking the Bible. Written and assembled by Catholics that they rail against and hate. They call them apostates - but they use their book.

    (To be honest I am really confused as to why events 2015 years ago in a very isolated places in the middle east have permeated the entire world in the form of a religion.)

    Around 300 AD there were a dozen or more versions of Christianity sects and at about 100 scrolls, gospels, and testimonials that each group claimed that justified their beliefs to varying degrees. There was a lot of arguments and general unrest. The Roman emperor Constantine declared a very political solution "shut the hell up and pick one". Hence the Council of Nicaea. A few dozen Bishops gathered together to hash out one official Bible. Other councils were held throughout the 300's AD to argue. (mind you, a pagan emperor had the final approval of the Bible)

    Arius. Arius was one Catholic Bishop that preached against the Trinity and claimed that Jesus was not God, was not divine, but subservient to God. When he attended the Council, he was not only kicked out, he was banished to the north and it was ordered that ALL of his works be burned. Sore looser, so to speak. He was the one that declared the Catholics as apostates. He actually recanted, pulled some strings, and the emperor ordered that he be allowed to rejoin the Catholic Church. Catholics hated the idea. He died days before his reinstatement.

    At the Counsel they picked and choose the cannon. ALL books of the New Testament were carefully chosen to support the Trinity. The New Testament was specifically crafted to all support the Trinity. So I don't understand why the WT/JW uses a book that was created very intentionally assembled to refute Arius.

    Charles Russell read about Arius and thought it was a unknown truth - or "neat". He formed his beliefs and religion around Arius, a belief that died out in the 3rd century, and was very specifically kicked out of the Bible. To this day the WT/JW hate Catholics, but they usually don't know why, But they still use there book. Paradox.

    Arius was the original JW.

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