Can I ask elders a question without getting in trouble?

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  • BANE

    Even though 587 is TOTALLY destroyed in here...

    You guys STILL hold onto your false beliefs. Give it a read through. I DARE YA!

  • changeling

    Bane: show us some reputable historical sources instead of a JW apologist site and maybe we'll reconsider... (yes, I have read it)

  • zoiks

    Hi Bane!

    I remember that site! I found it early on during my questioning/exit. I was SO RELIEVED that 607 was really the date! But for some crazy reason I kept digging, and, well... how does one say this delicately? The more I dug, the more the site reeked of desperation, wishful thinking, logical fallacies, and good ol' BS.

    But it did help me to see that, like the WT itself, its adherents are not above dishonesty in order to be "right".

    Sorry for allowing your thread to be sidetracked, NiceDream. Please keep us updated if you choose to continue questioning.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Funny one Bane.

    Putting debate regarding the technical details of 607 vs. 587 aside, a simple reading of Daniel (especially chapter four) without Watchtower publications or input made it pretty clear to me that calculations of the "gentile times" were mostly based on the apocalyptic speculations and code seeking. This more than anything else helped me realize that links between the accounts in the gospels and the book of Daniel simply are not there.

    Face it, C.T. Russell and other advocates of 1914 were looking for codes and hidden secrets in the Bible. Its really that simple. Now, over 100 years later, the religious traditions that have been born out of those ideas continue to be maintained despite overwhelming evidence against them.

  • moshe
    "I will always be a JW and nothing is going to change that because I know it's the truth." I am afraid I have gone too far asking unanswerable questions.

    My advice is hope for the best, but plan for a hurricane, anyway. Don't end up locked out of your home, served with a court order to keep away from your spouse, a lawsuit asking for separation/divorce and big $$. Meanwhile, you are sleeping in the back seat of your car, while trying to figure out how it all went wrong. WT double-speak has told you that your are not the head of your spouse- no, the Elders call the shots in every JW's home. You have found out the unpleasant truth. Good luck.

    "Ask" the elders? No you have to start telling them how it is, not asking. You're not in grade school now.

  • isaacaustin

    Bane said:

    Even though 587 is TOTALLY destroyed in here...

    You guys STILL hold onto your false beliefs. Give it a read through. I DARE YA!

    My reply: 587 is only totally destroyed here IF you start out assuming WT interpretations and assumptions are fact.

  • NiceDream

    Thanks Bane, I've already checked out that site as well as others on that subject. But you remind me to stick with the main issue, and for me it's the generation change that I can't find supported by any scripture. The dates are a sidepoint, as isaacaustin says "587 is only totally destroyed here IF you start out assuming WT interpretations and assumptions are fact."

    Drew - Thank you for documenting your journey, it's really helpful. I may have started out asking too many questions with my husband, so I think I'll stick with the main issues which is the generation and Luke 21:8. I was reading another translation, and Luke 21:8 really stuck out with "the time is near" business.

    I probably won't ask any questions yet, as we have our DC soon, and my inlaws are staying with us. My parents will still talk to me if something happens, but I'm worried about the ramifications with my inlaws just because it would cause my husband a lot of grief.

  • monkeyman


  • yknot


    Would you care to discuss the 'timeline' of development of 1914.......

    Many JWs get wrapped up in the chronology that they fail to discern the historical development.

    I would also like to remind you that the man who authored the chronology we use today also produced the chronology of 1975, which if you are a good dubbie you will recall it was officially 'opps-ed' last DC as 'running ahead' by the WTS.

  • flipper

    Elders are always going to look at publishers asking questions as having a lack of faith in the GB or alleged " faithful slave ". So it starts out as a negative- right from the get go. I would recommend doing your own research as you have done and reading the other experiences of people on the board here and elsewhere. The elders are trained to be spiritual policemen and sniff out any dissenters with dissenting thoughts. And then throw your spouse into the mix with a closed mind already- I just wouldn't go there if I were you. You'll be the odd man out in any confrontations. Be careful, enjoy your new knowledge quietly

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