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  • BluesBrother

    If she writes, and I guess they have received a fair number of letters, I woulds expect that she eventually receives a bland and dismissive reply, without any repercussions......

    I have done it before and the patronising replies are a joke. They will have nothing to add to what has been said so I would expect them to repeat it - or direct her back to the WT articles and suggest she prays about it !

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    I think it also depends on WHERE you write to. I wrote to London Bethel about a matter and received a reply that clearly showed they had not read my question properly. In fact they referred me to the very articles I was quoting from. I raised this with an elder in the congregation and he told me that Bethels such as London are NOT ALLOWED to write anything that is not in the WTS publications!

    He suggested I write to Brooklyn, which I did and got a much more reasoned response.

    Just a thought.


  • LongHairGal


    If your Mom writes a letter and her tone is one of 'questioning', she may get a civil reply. (It may not answer her question but it will be civil.) HOWEVER, if the tone of her letter says any buzzwords like UNSCRIPTURAL, it will be a horse of a different color. Then the local hounders (who will get a copy of her letter) will pay her a visit to "adjust her thinking". The bottom line being: DON'T QUESTION ANYTHING......

    I wrote many letters and can honestly tell you that in some instances they do not even address the points raised in YOUR letter and are simply cowardly 'generic' type reply letters that will frustrate you because you will wonder if they even READ your letter. I actually felt they were too embarrassed or dishonest to address the issues raised in my letters and conveniently ignored them. Like BluesBrother said, the replies were also patronizing and I felt they insulted my intelligence.

    This was one of my rude awakenings that began to make me see behind their facade and start to question the whole religion.

    She may not want to bother. It's up to her.

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