Require scan from 1969 NWT Appendix on Cross

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  • jwfacts

    If anyone has the 1969 or 1950 NWT Bible with the appendix on Stauros vs Cross, I am trying to track down a scan of the article. Thanks

  • Mary

    Is that the green bible?

  • TD

    I've got all the many editions of the NWT and would be happy to help.

  • TD

    --Paradoxically though I'm not as familiar with the differences between them as some here probably are.

    The 1950 edition is the original (NT only) Pages 768 through 771 of the Appendix cover the subject "Torture stake" (The one with the picture of the crux simplex from Justis Lispus)

    The 1953-1960 Student's edition (AKA the Fat Boy) has the same article.

    The 1961 standard edition does not.

    I'm not sure what the 1969 edition is -- Was it a revision of the 61 ed?

    The 1971 large print edition on pages 1360 and 1361 reproduces the "Torture stake" article.

    The 1971 standard edition does not

    The 1981 binding of the 1971 edition does not (Only produced for three years and somewhat rare)

    The 1984 large print edition on pages 1577 - 1578 has an article for "Torture stake" article but the picture is unattributed

    The 1984 standard edtion does not.

  • possible-san

    Is that probably the same as the "1969 Kingdom Interlinear"?

    PDF, 73MB

    Well, if 1960 edition, I have that copy, and I can scan it for you.


  • TD

    Okay, the 1969 Interlinear has the same article on Torture Stake as some of the NWT editions do.

    These have a substantial collector value today (As strange as that may sound) so possible-san's pdf may be the way to go.

  • possible-san

    That PDF (73MB) has imperfect right-hand side (1157th page).
    But the PDF (82MB) which Mr. Atlantis introduced before is scanned exactly/perfectly.


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I have a 1969 Interlinear. That thing's worth money? Really? Cool.

  • jwfacts

    Thanks possible-san, that is exactly what I needed.

    The 1969 appendix makes a misleading comment about the cross, from Lipsius that I need for an article.

    "Such a single stake for impalement of a criminal was called crux simplex, and the method of nailing him to such an instrument of torture is illustrated by the Roman Catholic scholar, Justus Lipsius, of the 16 th century. We present herewith a photographic copy of his illustration on page 647, column 2, of his book De Cruce Liber Primus. This is the manner in which Jesus was impaled."

    There were actually 16 pictures in Lipsius book, and only 1 was of a stake, the others were various types of crosses. So it was deceptive to attempt to use this book to support that it was a stake.

    In the 1984 edition the wording was slightly improved to state:

    "A single stake for impalement of a criminal was called in Latin crux simm’plex. One such instrument of torture is illustrated by Jusus Lipsius (1547-1606) in his book De cruce libri tres, Antwerp, 1629, p. 19. The photograph of the curx simplex on our p. 1578 is an actual reproduction from his book."

  • possible-san


    Thank you for your reply.

    Well, in Japan, that issue about Lipsius is already written in the book Mr. William Wood published in 1987, therefore the Japanese Christian churches know well that.
    (He is an American missionary living in Japan. And his Japanese is fluent as if he was an Japanese.)

    BTW, although I cannot read the language which Lipsius wrote, he had explained that the "Cross" was used for Christ.
    ("De Cruce" p.46.)

    The explanation of Lipsius differs from an explanation of the WTS clearly.

    I'm looking forward to the article in your website.


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