Blondie's Comments You Will Not Hear at the 06-20-10 WT Study (WORTHLESS THINGS)

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  • Pistoff
    Had Adam not sinned could he have had perfect children with Eve though she would eventually die???? Wasn’t Jesus perfect per the WTS although the product of a perfect father and an imperfect mother? If Adam and sinned and not Eve, could she have had perfect children with Adam per the WTS?

    Great catch; if Jesus could be perfect, then Adam and Eve's children would have too.

    1. The WT is OBSESSED with sex. They are so unbelievably afraid of sexuality that they continue to use the words DANGER in this article.

    And porn does not pop up unbidden on computers; just does not happen. Computer users know this; why would they put this into an article when most who use the net know it is bogus??

    It just boggles my mind that even witnesses can't get this concept: If a man and wife can HAVE sex, how is it DANGEROUS to watch someone having sex? Is it because watching it intensifies the desire for sex? Why not talk about that, dealing with how one satisfies the NORMAL human desire for sex?

    That seems like a more rational discussion; if you have unprotected sex, you face life changing consequences. If you have sex with another witness, they likely will tell the elders.

    And the old chestnut about the angels having sex with humans.

    HUMANS CRAVE SEX BECAUSE OF HORMONES. That's it. Are the writers of the WT unable to see an OT device for explaining giantism in ancient culture?

    Are they really suggesting that spirit creatures, NO HORMONES, wanted to engage in a reproductive act with a different being because they thought they looked hot??

    The 3rd grade level of thinking in the WT continues to astonish.

    2. Why is the WT reading books on MARKETING AND BRANDING??

    3. Why does the WT continue to use, but not cite, right wing religious material?

    From the website that cites the MacLean article, Lifesitenews, their about page:

    The service was originally started by Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), a Canadian national pro-life organization headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Campaign Life Coalition, founded in 1978, was one of the first pro-life organizations to emphasize the international dimension of attacks on life and family. Along with a few other groups it pioneered pro-life lobbying at United Nations conferences. CLC president, Jim Hughes, is currently also vice-president of the International Right to Life Federation.


  • OnTheWayOut

    Since "even a glimpse" of internet pornography is going to attack elders who are in such short supply, WTS has made a provision for them to admit to glimpsing (if it bothers their conscience and they feel they must say something) and then remaining as elders. Basically, they encourage them to keep the information to themselves that they enjoyed pornography as long as they are able to stop. (I can imagine some of them stop many times, just like cigarette smokers.)

    Para. 11:

    Sounds like pornography is mostly a male problem per the WTS.

    It's a good thing the WTS is run by males, so they can make rules about this problem.

    Para. 12


    What is entertainment that promotes materialism? Why such a general statement leaving to others in the congregation to interpret for others in the congregation?

    So does that mean jws should not go to Disneyland or DisneyWorld with its Cinderella castle, Haunted House, Snow White, Little Mermaid, Lion King, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Beauty and the Beast….I know many jws that would still see the movies, go to the parks, including elders.

    I have to agree. They don't directly rule on this, but many members will. I find that childless couples and older pioneers will look down upon some who see certain Disney movies. It should be a personal decision, but WTS makes some believe that personal decisions means that they are compromising for those with weaker consciences.


    I wonder if any jws in the Orlando area went to the new Harry Potter park at Universal? We have a couple of strip clubs in our area. The elders always said it was best that an elder call on that business….right! Who would be less likely to be turned on by the women’s outfits, men or women. Was that following today’s counsel for men?

    It would make more sense to send pioneer sisters. Just a glimpse and they could have those images burning into the "brothers" brains. Just imagine associating breasts with pasties and g-strings with dollar bill holders.

  • WTWizard

    From what I see, they are getting ready to ban using the computer, at least by scaring people into thinking porn sites are a threat to pop up at any time. I got my computer in July 2006, and every pixel of porn I saw on it, I went there on purpose. I do get spam for porn sites a lot (not so much lately), but it is almost always blatant. The hefty use of foul language, very bad spelling, and the descriptions within the title are usually enough of a giveaway. And I am more worried about getting kiddie porn for the price of regular porn, a worm, or both than about the lasting effects of regular porn. For the record, I do view porn but not compulsively. I probably spend more than 10 times more time on these apostate web sites than on porn, if not more.

    They then bash violent entertainment. What they don't say is that there is plenty of violence depicted in the rags and the littera-trash. This violence is worse than the violence in entertainment. How? Violence in entertainment is not depicted as reality--you go to a movie or turn on the TV, watch the shootout, and enjoy it on the screen. After, you are done with it. In the littera-trash, it is depicted as reality--a form that is much more capable of scaring people (especially children, who are forced to view this violence depicted as reality). They are threatened that, unless they do everything beyond their ability to please Jehovah and he accepts it, they are going to end up dead.

    Keeping my eye simple did mean clearing out worthless things--they did get that much right. I eliminated two worthless things that were wasting more than 3 hours each out of my week, and others that wasted between 2 and 4 hours each. I also no longer pay for these totally worthless things. And, I am going to blow off one big worthless thing that is supposed to waste three days. In addition, by not hanging onto those worthless things, I don't have to dry clean my suits, get fat on Big Macs or Whoppers all the time, and catch tuberculosis at the doors. These worthless things I got rid of are boasting sessions and field circus.

  • designs

    In Catholicism there are theological writings on 'Carnis' as well as Primitive Baptist views on the 'flesh'.

    Each Believers resurrection and transofrmation is considered the ultimate sensation, see the works: The Erotic Phenomenon by Jean-Luc Marion, and Resurrection of the Body in Western Christianity by Carol Bynum.

    What the Society needs is their own Vatican II, someone with the Huevos and intellect to push for much needed Reform. But by all accounts they are entering their own Dark Ages, repressing thought and dissent.

    What a pity and waste.

  • BluesBrother

    Scare mongering...the article puts fear into the largely techno-phobic adult Witnesses to keep them in fear of "Satan's world"...It also twists what could have been good advice about avoiding bad stuff on the net into "raising the walls of the sheep pen to try and stop the lambs escaping"

    Ps 119 "Make my eyes pass on from seeing what is worthless" ...That is fine as a Bible statement of principle. - but ,

    par 9 "We do not have to look for such sites, they look for us " and "e mails...explode into a pornographic picture" . That is just exaggerated. I have used the net for years and I certainly do not encounter that (I hope those JWN ads for foreign brides are not appearing today ! but that is about as raunchy as it gets unless one deliberately subscribes to a porn site, and I would not know about that...What about all the cong. secretaries who communicate by e mail, are they now running the gauntlet of sexual harassment?

    Bah ! it is just designed to scare anxious parents who do not know that they can have parental control firewalls .

    I do not defend porn...but the WT speaks as if it were a 20th/21st Century phenomenon . Archeology shows us that as soon as man learned how to carve objects or mold clay, what did he make? Women with big You-know-whats ! a goddess or trinket , just go to the British Museum.. TV film of Pompei tells me that porno art was everywhere in the Roman world of !st Century. Now the Bible may deride things that are "unbecoming or obscene" but does it tell the congregations to disfellowship for it? No..

    Of course the article has a wider scope in telling them to avoid the "desire of the eyes" and not give too much time to even wholesome entertainment.......after all , as par 13 says, "It could encroach on family worship "..............

  • peacedog
  • peacedog

    Porn's gotta be some kind of problem for the WTS to run an entire article on it....

  • peacedog

    An enticing picture suddenly appeared on my computer screen. I'm out....... :)

  • undercover
    Porn's gotta be some kind of problem for the WTS to run an entire article on it....

    I remember coming across a horde of porn magazines when I was about 13. I went to great lengths to stash them and keep them from being found, yet still accessible for my viewing pleasure. This was years before home computers, the Internet or VCRs and DVDs. I remember as an older teenager watching Cinemax (Skinemax) even when my parents didn't subscribe to it. It was blurry and in B&W, no sound, but I could make it out enough to keep me spell bound and bleary eyed as I strained to watch.

    I bet most you guys can relate...

    Yet, when I was younger, there wasn't the constant harping on porn. Yea, it got mentioned along with other 'sins', but never to levels that it has over the past few years.

    Is it because more and more dubs are watching porn on-line? I don't think so.

    I think the real reason is that it's not really porn they're worried's the Internet.

    Scoring a Hustler magazine or managing to catch a soft porn movie on cable does not give the viewer avenues to other forms of information detrimental to the Society. While porn, in their estimation, may be a 'sin' in its own right, it doesn't lead to 'apostacy'.

    However - allowing yourself too view porn on the Internet means that you're just a few clicks away from finding infromation damning to the Society. What they fear is that if one is willing to look at porn on-line, how long before they allow themsleves to look at other areas on the 'net? And once someone googles JWs or the WTS, how long before they see all the info that debunks everything that the Society has claimed? How long before they realize that the "truth" was a lie?

  • booby

    Exactly. They feel if they demonize the internet using porn as the scapegoat, many will not go near the internet. It is the same with many things. Demonize apostate literature and they block a channel to learn about some stuff that is at least embarrassing and at worst damning. And the double standard of using the technology that the internet provides for their purposes as in download of mags, and access to the public with their crappola, the benefits for them keeping close to the congregations more efficiently etc. is no different than what they do with many "worldly" provisions. Brothers should not go to worldly courts and sue one another no matter what, but they have more lawyers at bethel than spiritual leaders. Give them the slightest provacation, Like a website of legal snippets of their own damning crappola and they will sue your ass off.

    Nice bunch a fellas at the Papal throne. Oops, meant to say bethel home.

    And one other thing that is kinda humerous in all this. As with so much of there efforts, we see the problems that their silliness causes themselves. I think that to some extent all this two stepping they must do must be frustrating also for them. They are trying to mitigate damage to themselves caused by the same things (in this case the internet) that they want to exploit for their own benefit. Well I guess that is just one of the downsides of bein hypocrites.

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