Pretty funny Facebook post by young JW

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  • Olin Moyles Ghost
    Olin Moyles Ghost

    Been there, done that (as a dub). I wasn't really celebrating my birthday...rather I was celebrating turning 21. Big difference, right?!

    And in case you don't already is extremely common for Witnesses to celebrate their 21st birthday by going to bars and getting wasted...except they don't call it "celebrating their birthday." Because that would make it so much worse...

    I'm not going to pick on this kid. But statements such as his tell us a lot about the WT/JW religion. Young Witnesses are led to believe that going out and getting hammered is less bad than blowing out candles on a cake.

  • sacolton

    Translation: If I change certain words ... I can actually celebrate my birthday!

  • peacedog

    Man what a backwards religion. 'Sorry, we don't celebrate birthdays. Fortunately, drinking and partying at the clubs is A-OK!!'

  • Girlie

    Translation: I am really celebrating my birthday by getting pissy drunk at da club. Just don't want to bring reproach on Jehovah by openly admitting it and getting reproved on it by a super dub. I am such a hypocrite!

  • StAnn

    Doesn't the WTS frown on going clubbing, drinking, and partying? Is that really less offensive to the GB than celebrating a birthday?


  • SirNose586

    How funny that sounds...if you're a hardcore dub, it just sounds like you've got a stick up your butt all the time. Too hoity-toity. Hope the kid gets drunk and doesn't get in trouble for it.

  • milola

    I think I have just been stumbled.

  • tiki

    Kid has his priorities mixed up....

  • Soldier77

    StAnn -- "Doesn't the WTS frown on going clubbing, drinking, and partying? Is that really less offensive to the GB than celebrating a birthday?"

    Where I live it is almost encouraged to go out and have a good time. I've seen and been with witnesses getting shitfaced drunk Friday night, only to go out in FS the next morning hungover. A couple of times the partying got so bad that it was reported to the elders... elders shrugged it off. Why? Because the same damn elders were caught shitfaced drunk the weekend before!!!

    I shit you not. No, I will not tell you where I live!

    edit, I was always part of the shitfaced partying too and you would be surprised by the amount of so called witnesses that indulged in public.

  • sd-7

    My brother got hammered all the time and never got in a bit of trouble for it. He's an MS now--used to get drunk alongside another MS, at that. As long as nobody turns you in for it (ie. as long as you don't hang with people who will rat you out, people who will likely get drunk themselves), you can get away with it. Heck, an elder recommended drinking to me as a way to cope with my depression over my then-girlfriend getting DF'd! Of course, he's not an elder anymore, but he stayed one for some time after that.

    But candles on a cake = DF'ing. Hey, strain out the gnat! See that camel? Yeah, that one. Gulp it down.

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