Any ladies live near virginia?

by frigginconfused 14 Replies latest social relationships

  • darthfader

    Ok, I must apologize first....

    With the Justin Beaver and the Whats better Day sex or night sex threads.. I read this thread topic as:

    Any Ladies live near vagina....

  • trueblue

    Myself I wouldn't mess with one under 36 and I have tried online dating with no success. I did find a sweet gal about 90 miles from me, and one about 250 miles but as soon as I mentioned anything about JW's she is gone, and they the one that brought religeon up. The rest of the gals where fakes. I mean I got at least twelve scam artist knocking at my door a day, they thrive on middle aged men. E-harmony wasn't much better for me either.

    Oh well they don't know what they miss'n...

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I guess you'd have to make friends, good ones, first and then see which ones blossom into a romance.

    Friends first, lovers later.

  • edward612

    virginia is a great state to live

  • garyneal

    I live in Virginia and it is indeed a very large state. Unless you live in Northern Virginia or Hampton Roads you are not living in a very cosmopolitan area.

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