WT September 15, 2010 - The Faithful and NOT SO Discrete Slave

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    It does´nt make sense does it? I get banned for two weeks and then I get approved again. I realize I was brash before but I didn´t cuss or anything. Like Jesus with the Vipers and Snakes comments. If it´s ok for him then it´s ok for me.

  • Titus

    Why were you BANnEd?

    I said many stirring things here, and never get banned.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I am trying to find out why he was 'banned'. He was not banned IMO, but banished, removed. I do not know for what reason since when we do that all history is removed. But apparently he angered admin. somehow.

    BTW, Bane, do not continue to PM me with angry messages and insults. I did not ban you the first time, nor have I yet done so this time. What is your beef with me?


  • PrimateDave

    In response to Bane's question, "Why don't we just move on with our lives?"

    If only it were that easy! So many of us have family and friends who are still "in." I, myself, tried to attend some meetings to appease family, but it just didn't work out. So, while I won't go to meetings or "study" the literature, I do find it informative when others on this forum let everyone know what is happening. I get an idea about the indoctrination that my family is receiving without actually having to discuss it with them, thereby keeping the peace between us.

    I am here to engage in respectful conversation with others. I find it amusing that someone would go through the trouble of signing up and posting just to tell us we're wasting our time on nothing.

  • isaacaustin

    AK-Jeff, he was banned for insulting and namecalling I believe.

    StoneWallRe: What the hell is wrong with Bane, Alice and Debater? posted 15 days ago (6/6/2010)

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    Just an update on this for you Aussie Oz.

    BANE's account got closed by Simon(this sites owner/admin) today

    So he won't be posting on here unless it gets re-opened.

    If you want to see for yourself you can check it out on this thread:


  • teel

    The “anointed” certainly aren’t international. In the past when the figures were broken down . well over 2/3 of anointed were from just 3 countries – USA , UK & Germany. While this breakdown is no longer published , I would assume that this still remains the case. I have spoken to Gilead missionaries from South America & Africa who say that there are very few people who claim to be of the anointed there.

    I live in eastern Europe and I can confirm that the "annointed" here is like an UFO - everyone has heard of them, almost noone saw one. There are rumors about an old woman who died about 20 years ago, how much spiritual she was, she always talked about the Bible, etc. And there's that other guy a hundred kilometers or so from my town who died 15 years ago. That's all. The majority of the people never saw an annointed, except when a GB member came to the country, and obligatory every JW went to cheer for him - afterwards we had a spiritually uplifting chat about how much the catholics are idolizing humans, because they gather in great numbers just to see a simple man, the Pope from a distance.

  • BANE

    Issac, so you and MrsJones can cuss me out using foul language but it´s ME that is insulting? Are we in the Bizarro universe?

  • isaacaustin

    Bane said:

    Issac, so you and MrsJones can cuss me out using foul language but it´s ME that is insulting? Are we in the Bizarro universe?

    My reply:

    LOL I am laughing at you bane. Please direct me to where I cussed you out.

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