WT September 15, 2010 - The Faithful and NOT SO Discrete Slave

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  • designs

    So who signs the Checks...........

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    I am going to answer in that WT study. "It is a happyfying and faith stengthening thing that Jehovah does not use any men on the earth but rather through his son JC he uses the GB to lead his people". I bet people just nod sagely and don't bat an eyelid. Great thread.

  • flipper

    Wow. The WT society really makes me lose my lunch on this article. They are so damned hypocrtical and contradict themselves ALL THE TIME ! On the one hand they condemn Catholics for following men as leaders , then claim witnesses don't. But a few paragraphs later they say you have to follow the alleged " faithful slaves " lead . They did the same thing with the tract a few years ago condemning Catholics for allowing priests who commit child abuse to remain in the church- yet the witnesses do the same thing themselves. They are the epitome of a " narcissistic cult " who is enamored with themselves thinking they do no wrong- yet condemn everybody else for being evil. They just suck. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • dozy

    The” international congregation of anointed Christians”.

    It was this phrase that especially annoyed me. In reality , such a situation or concept doesn’t exist.


    1 A group of persons gathered for worship, prayer, etc., esp in a church or chapel

    2. a group of people, objects, etc., collected together; assemblage

    The “anointed” certainly aren’t international. In the past when the figures were broken down . well over 2/3 of anointed were from just 3 countries – USA , UK & Germany. While this breakdown is no longer published , I would assume that this still remains the case. I have spoken to Gilead missionaries from South America & Africa who say that there are very few people who claim to be of the anointed there. Only than Samuel Herd , there has never been a black GB member , and (to my knowledge) , there has never been a Hispanic GB appointee despite the fact that most of the growth has come from Spanish speaking countries.

    Secondly the implication is that there is some sort of brotherhood or communication between anointed ones. As we know , that isn’t the case. The anointed are just individuals in congregations. If they write to Bethel , no notice is taken of their comments. The WTBTS has made clear that they have no extra spirit or insight and should be submissive to the local elders.

    Were anointed ones to make any arrangement to “congregate together” , perhaps to study the bible or bounce around a few ideas , that would certainly be regarded with hostility by the leadership. Such activities were roundly condemned in the late 70’s and used as the basis to disfellowship anointed ones.

  • St George of England
    St George of England
    i wonder if the uberdubs underline the same points

    You do realise of course that the only people to have read this WT are people on sites such as this. The average JW will underline the answers to the questions on the night before the study and give a couple of verbatim answers without any of of the content passing through his/her brain at any time!


  • wannabefree

    The average JW will underline the answers to the questions on the night before the study

    How true. Earlier this year when the generation change was being discussed here, I made a comment to The Elder Formerly Known as PO (TEFKAPO) about it and how it bothered me that they again redefined the generation and I wish they would just leave it alone ... his comment was, of course, "I think it makes more sense now" .... jump forward ...

    After the Service Meeting a few days before the hotly discussed on this board but a non-issue with R&F generation study, TEFKAPO approaches me and tells me he would like to get together and talk about this, he obviously had no idea what I was referring to months earlier.

    We haven't talked yet ... I hope he forgot.

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    I'm going to ask a rather embarrassing question as I should know the answer by now. Isn't it true that I can get the KookAid edition of the WT on www.watchtower.org? If so, how to I find them? I want to see the entire 9/15/10 article.

  • wannabefree

    they are at jw dot org

  • BANE

    It´s interesting how you people still follow the society EVEN though you don´t go anymore. And some of you DO still go, then complain about it. Dont you guys have ANYTHING else of interest in your lives but complaining all day long on this site? And Wannabefree, if you TRULY want to be free then leave....Lord have mercy. Never seen so much time spent on NOTHING.

  • Titus


    Welcome on this forum. Are you new here?

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