Could Bethelites Sue the Watchtower or Governing Body for Violating Basic Privacy Laws if they Monitored Internet use and Email Privacy?

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  • Finally-Free

    According to a computer/network security course I took a few years ago, it is lawful for an organization to install keyloggers on their own computers and sniffers on their networks.


  • leavingwt
    If they are using routers, servers, phone or cable lines or other equipment owned by or leased to the WTBS they can still be legally monitored. If you check a hotmail account at work you are still using the boss's equipment and there will be a record of it.

    Regarding phones. . .

    If we are talking about a telephone in a Bethelite's living quarters, I cannot see any way in which it would be legal to monitor/record a phone call, even if WT owns the telephone and the copper. See the article below and tell me what you think. (Regarding the computer stuff, they can do whatever they want to do. Each Bethelite who uses their computer network signs a lengthy document that outlines all of the legal stuff. It's all disclosed.)

  • StAnn

    If I were a Bethelite (heaven forbid), I'd have my own laptop with a WiFi card and on my own time I'd go off site to do my computering.

    When my friend lived at Bethel (about 5 years ago), the cleaning people were trained to go through your quarters while you worked. He said people were always getting busted for having CDs, etc., that the GB found objectionable. I don't doubt that they'd spy on the computers.

    Regarding the telephone, there is an expectation of privacy on the telephone that can't be violated without a warrant.


  • Soldier77

    The whole "privacy" issue in Bethel was one of the show stoppers for me to sign up. I made the Bethel trip when i was 15 and smelled the bullshit then!

  • Titus

    So, can they visit this site, for example, without knowing of IT stuff?

  • blondie

    There are two issues here: workplace and their homes.

  • LongHairGal


    With regard to the cleaning staff going through Bethelites' personal belongings, I feel this might be one the reasons that some people I met over the years left Bethel.

    When I tried to question certain people about why they left, I could tell they were holding back about saying anything bad. I had asked certain pointed questions about 'whether there was anything there they didn't like' and I got the sense they couldn't or wouldn't tell me.

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