Jesus wants you off of the internet and to stop reasoning - w 9/15/2010 pg. 27

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  • Titus

    Cantleave, that how that expression "permissive human reasonings" is translated in Serbian and Croatian. English edition doesn't even mention spiritsm, philosophy and evolution...

    That's my point. Translation!

  • minimus


  • LongHairGal


    You are probably right about that subliminal message. Might as well let them go through your underwear drawer.

    People would have to be nuts to let them in their house to see how they live. Even when I was active in the religion, I didn't really want elders in my home and on the few occasions when I was expecting a 'shepherding' call, I made sure I put certain things away or hid them. I didn't so much as even leave mail around. My business was NONE of their business.

    I didn't want any comment or critique on anything in my home. They knew enough about me in a general sense. It was bad enough these morons criticized other things, but my home is my sacred retreat where they are not welcome.

  • seawolf

    Spiritual porn ?

    What happens when you're looking at spiritual porn? Your mother walks in on you masturbating to or something???

  • seawolf


    I'm not gonna lie, I like looking at porn. I also enjoy doing the solo trombone. I bet there are few brothers in any hall who doesn't give himself a workout each evening before bed... Sorry to be so blunt, but it had to be said.

    Of course. Haven't you ever noticed all the guys with mismatched socks? They're too busy using them for defilements of the flesh that they just end of putting on whatever is left over.

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