I want to know whether 607 is valid or not.

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  • StAnn

    Peter, here on this site if you go to "Home" then under the first section click on "Best of". Go to Page 2 of Best of. Click on "WTS and Chronology". Lots and lots of info there about 607.

    I can't make clickable links, but here's the link if someone else can make it clickable:



  • mentallyfree31

    607 BCE exists only in the minds of 7 million Jehovah's Witnesses. Please check out my link that mrsjones posted towards the beginning of this thread. I searched every book in the library that mentioned the destruction of jerusalem, and they all agree on 587/586 BCE. Ray Franz and Carl Oloff Johnson (author of book pictured above) researched this all over New York City Libraries in the 1970's. They found not one reference to 607 BCE. It only exists in WT publications. It was literally pulled out of thin air.

    Thus, 1914 is almost a hundred years away and we are still here. Nothing happened. WT claims that all these invisible things happened. Now you see why they have to claim everything was "invisible", because that's the only way they can keep people captive to their ideas. 1914 will have the same fate eventually as the former date of 1799. Decades of people were taught by WT that 1799 was the beginning of the last days. Eventually after 100 years + had passed, they threw that date out, and came up with 1914. So it will be again in the future.

    Here's something to ponder that you may not be aware of. Initially, the date that WT assigned to the destruction was actually 606 BCE. Notice below, i will paste in some screenshots taken from a pdf file of early WT magazines. As you will see, the date of the first mention of it is June 1880. Notice in the second picture the date of 606 BCE:




    Eventually, they realized that if you add 2,520 years to 606, you end up at 1915, because there is no zero (0) year. So instead of correcting their math and adjusting 1914 to 1915, they reassigned the destruction of Jerusalem to 607, thus keeping 1914. 1914 was important because WW1 started in 1914, so that was a big argument that times changed in that year. Please note: The mistake was simply counting a zero year. But they adjusted history and changed the date for the destruction of jerusalem.

    In conclusion, I have seen hundreds of WT prophecies turn out to be nothing more than lies. If you haven't seen this documentation, I can send you my collection of 27 pages of false prophecies that all failed to come true. When I found all of this in my research, I decided to base my beliefs on the facts. And that facts show that the ENTIRE world (secular, religious and archeological) of research agrees that Jerusalem was destroyed in 587/586 BCE.

    Best of luck to you!


  • garyneal


    To expand upon Olin Moyles Ghost's point, imagine you just discovered for the first time that Christmas Day was not Jesus's birthday. Imagine your pastor, for many years, preaching Christ being born on December 25th. How did you find out Christ was NOT born on that holiday? If the information came from a Jehovah's Witness, no doubt that witness would simply tell you, "Go to any library and look it up."

    So you find in the encyclopedias that Christ was not born on Christmas day. You present the evidence to the pastor and measure his integrity. If he dogmatically proclaims that Christ was born on that day in spite of the evidence, would his integrity come into question? Could not the pastor proclaim that Satan is trying to remove Christ from CHRISTmas?

    If you believe that his integrity to the truth did become questionable at this point then could not the same thing be said of the Watchtower Society when they found NO PROOF to back up 607 B.C.E.?

  • changeling

    gartneal that is an outstanding analogy!!! I could kiss you right now! Spot On!

  • garyneal

    changeling: Thanks. Truth be told, I found myself doing this very thing back when I was attending an Independent Fundamental Baptist church after a friend of mine told me the truth about Christmas. Yes, she was a Jehovah's Witness at the time (she's out now). When I pressed the fundies, they eventually admitted the truth and said that they really don't know the day of Christ's birth. They also added that since Christ gave us so much by way of salvation, they celebrate His birth on Christmas by giving gifts to others that day.

    It was fine with me, I had nothing against people picking that day to celebrate His birth but I felt that it was disingenuous to actually proclaim it to be His birthday when indeed it probably wasn't.

    Concerning the pagan stuff and the reasons why the Society does not celebrate it on those grounds. Well that is just simply hypocrisy on their part considering the pagan stuff they do allow.

  • moshe

    Well, Pastor Russell proved to the original Bible Students that the measurments of the Giza Pyramid in Egypt prove that 1914 is a valid date- what JW wouldn't believe that?

  • stillajwexelder

    garyneal exceptional

  • MrFreeze

    Okay so we all know 607 is a BS date. Here's my question, how does 607 work into the prophecy of 1914? I know there's the prophecy of the 70 weeks which the WTBTS applies to the date of the start of the rebuild of the temple down to 36 C.E. 3 years after Jesus died but which prophecy is tieing into 1914 via the 607 date? Am I missing something?

  • garyneal

    Mr Freeze:

    This has to do with the seven gentile times. They know that 3 1/2 times are 1260 days from the book of Revelations and using that they compute that seven times are 2520 days. Using a day for a year, they assume that it took 2520 years from the time that Jerusalem was destroyed to the time that Christ took the throne in 1914.

    So as you can see, even if that crazy interpretation of the gentiles times was correct, if 607 is wrong, 1914 is wrong.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    how does 607 work into the prophecy of 1914?

    How long have you been playing this game, MrFreeze?

    They have been preaching this nonsense since they changed the fall of Jerusalem from 606 BC to 607 BC when I was a kid. You must be a newbie.

    Just wondering


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