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  • booby

    this is prompted by a Fokyc comment on the thread "What question would you ask a visiting Governing Body Member?"

    Can anyone read the garbage referenced by that link without saying "bullshit?" They mention several times how important the children are and yet the article seems more to be insisting that they have this high moral ground to protect the accused. One could write critiques on each paragraph, it contains such self aggrandizing of the organisations rules and right to override the law if at all possible. Why in an article outlining the protection of young ones would they include the drivel at the end about an 18 year old and a 15 year old willing participant, to support pedophiles `being reinstated to position of authority.` In a few instances, individuals guilty of an act of child abuse have been appointed to positions within the congregation if their conduct has been otherwise exemplary for decades.`

    Also can we begin to imagine the stupidity of this comment, (If the accused denies the charge, the two elders may arrange for him and the victim to restate their position in each other's presence, with elders also there.) So possibly a 5 year old girl could be required to, in the presence of three adult males, restate her position. And from my knowledge of past judicial hearings the 5 year olds parents would likely be denied the opportunity to be present.

  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    So the two witness rule still applies.

    Then the example of a 18 and 15 year old, where the majority is far younger.

    Finally stating that no human organization is perfect - where as in all other cases it is so called "Jehovah's spirit driven organization".

    This is repulsive and makes me sick. Glad I am no longer part of such a degraded pedophile organization.

  • OnTheWayOut

    When any one of Jehovah’s Witnesses is accused of an act of child abuse, the local congregation elders are expected to investigate. Two elders meet separately with the accused and the accuser to see what each says on the matter. If the accused denies the charge, the two elders may arrange for him and the victim to restate their position in each other’s presence, with elders also there. If during that meeting the accused still denies the charges and there are no others who can substantiate them, the elders cannot take action within the congregation at that time.

    This is an absolutely horrible way to handle matters. The abuser will probably know that there are no second witnesses to the accounts and that he can bully the victim into recanting the story. We are supposed to feel better that elders are in the room. The problem is that they are untrained and often want to wrap up the whole thing and make it go away. But imagine some child finally able to say something, knowing there is not another witness to the acts and being told they have to repeat their story in front of their uncle/father/elder abuser.

    While everyone deserves to be "innocent until proven guilty," experts could at least determine the victim's mindset and whether they are telling the truth, what kind of help they need. Elders just say "Well, there's no proof."

    However, even if the elders cannot take congregational action, they are expected to report the allegation to the branch office of Jehovah's Witnesses in their country, if local privacy laws permit. In addition to making a report to the branch office, the elders may be required by law to report even uncorroborated or unsubstantiated allegations to the authorities. If so, the elders receive proper legal direction to ensure that they comply with the law. Additionally, the victim or anyone else who has knowledge of the allegation may wish to report the matter to the authorities, and it is his or her absolute right to do so.

    Don't expect elders to stand by your side if you go on your own to report the matter to authorities. Don't expect elders to even come forward publicly if they are required to report the matter. A real "support" for the victim would be an encouragement to go to authorities and an offer to stand by the victim as they do so. If the law ties the elders' hands about taking sides, they would then be there as a support for the victim and simply can tell the authorities that they are not legally allowed to do more than be there for support. The victim would get the care they need from experts and the organization would be covered legally.

    Our procedures have been refined over time. Over the years, as we have noted areas where our policies could be strengthened, we have followed through. We are continuing to refine them..... these items reach the news and make us look bad.

  • booby

    Onthewayout. Thanks for the fine follow-up. I would love to see this further critiqued for all to think about how highly they view `their`way over those who have become fully trained in this area.

  • leavingwt
  • fokyc

    I am honoured by 'booby' for a follow up to my comment

    One has to assume then, that an elder who really believes in Jehovah and 'his' organisation,

    would actually follow these instructions, OR would they?

    My wife's PO or CoBoE told another brother that I had made all this Web page up; when I printed it out!

  • palmtree67

    Making the victim state what happened, in front of the accused, and 3 men in suits, in a tiny back room.......


    Makes me sick to my stomach.

  • booby

    The sad truth is that this is not posted on their web site for elders to follow. This is for the public to read how wonderful they are and how they are more concerned for the child than their reputation. However it is openly deceptive if put under scrutiny. Notice that local privacy laws are to be closely adhered to as in the point made here (However, even if the elders cannot take congregational action, they are expected to report the allegation to the branch office of Jehovah's Witnesses in their country, if local privacy laws permit .) but local reporting laws are to be circumvented if at all possible.

  • OnTheWayOut

    That's a good point, booby. They are to report to headquarters if at all possible (and first). They are to report to local authorities only if they cannot avoid it.

    Also, discussed at length here in the past- they try to report to authorities anonymously if the law allows for that, just calling them without giving their names or any connection to the JW's. Imagine the authorities efforts to do something when the caller won't tell them anything. They might do little.

  • lepermessiah

    That letter, like most correspondance from with WTBS, has no compassion for the victims whatsoever.

    The majority of elders are clueless when handling such a sensitive situation with the victims and especially the CRIMINAL who commits the act.

    Like OTWO said, Elders like to just make things "go away"

    Lets have a committee or two, get it done, and on to the next issue.

    That letter was so carefully crafted for LEGAL purposes - nothing else.

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