Going through my old "Shoegazer" albums....

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  • lepermessiah

    I heard "Vapour Trail" by Ride the other day on the radio and it got me listening to some of the "shoegazer" classics of the early 1990's!


    Of course, LOVELESS by My Bloody Valentine had to come out also!

    If you arent familiar with that record, it has been named the best Irish album of all time by many critics, beating out the likes of U2 and Van Morrison...You can hear the influence they had on Smashing Pumpkins in the songs below......I dont know if its better than Achtung Baby myself, but it is a masterpiece of the genre.



  • miseryloveselders

    I've never listened to Ride before. I'm at work, so I'll have to check it out at lunchtime or later tonight. I like some stuff that can be considered Shoegazer I guess. Like Echo & the Bunnymen, Interpol, early Black Rebel Motorcycle Club albums, The Cure, etc.. A band I really liked was The Sound. They had potential. Lead singer committed suicide via train. Tragic because he was just as talented if not more than U2. Just rambling, but it seems like the really talented ones die too soon. Ian Curtis from Joy Division was another one who died way too soon.

  • Caedes

    I love the 'shoegazer' stuff although I never liked the label. MBV are one of my favourite bands, I preferred 'isn't anything' to 'loveless' as it seemed more original. 'Slow' is my favourite track, makes you feel dirty just listening to it.

    Ride were excellent too, Lush were another great band from the same period.

  • Leolaia

    Oh oh oh, I adore shoegaze, and I personally like the label because despite the original sense, it evokes to me the dreaminess of the music. At the time, I wasn't hugely into shoegaze as I was into Alternative in general, and my record buying budget was limited, but I did buy Lush and The Catherine Wheel, and in the recent shoegaze revival, I have discovered many other bands and songs that have become favorites. Right now I've made a 90s music compilation for my cousin (w/ 750 songs), representing a huge number of genres (e.g. Madchester, Britpop, Grunge, Post-Grunge, Alternative Dance, Dreampop, Big Beat, Trance, Trip-hop, Ambient, Nu Metal, etc.), and here are some of the shoegaze songs I chose to include:

    Afterglow "Lost in the Funhouse", Blind Mr. Jones "Eyes Wide", Blindside "Comforts"* and "Hopes Rise"*, Chapterhouse "Breather", "Guilt", and "Mesmerise," Cranes "Sun and Sky", Curve "Coast Is Clear" and "Horror Head"*, Dreamscape "So Far From Belief", Lilys "Threw a Day", Lush "De-Luxe", "For Love"*, "Nothing Natural", "Ocean"*, "Sweetness and Light"*, "Take", "Untogether", Medicine "Time Baby III", My Bloody Valentine "Only Swallow"*, "Sometimes"*, "Soon", and "When You Sleep", Ride "Like a Daydream", "Taste", "Vapour Trail", Slowdive "Alison", "Primal", "Shine"*, and "When the Sun Hits", The Bardots "Pretty O", The Catherine Wheel "Bill and Ben", "Black Metallic"*, "Salt"*, and "Texture", The Naked Souls "Sleep" and "Winter Kills Me", The Telescopes "Celeste"*, The Verve "All in My Mind" and "Weeping Willow"*. (* = my top faves)

    Know any other must-haves I should include?

    There is a blog called Shoegazer Alive that posts new nugaze music around all over the world.

  • Leolaia
  • Leolaia

    This is the My Bloody Valentine song I keep coming back to:


  • Leolaia

    The classic Catherine Wheel song, although the video edits out all that yummy shoegazey goodness in the middle.


    And I can listen to this song for days (it sounds like the Charlatans and the Space Monkeys and shoegaze all wrapped up together):


    And the ethereal "Shine" (tho I usually listen to a different mix of this song):


  • Leolaia

    Any other shoegaze fans out there?

    Great one from Ride:


  • Caedes

    I love the Cranes, been buying some of their stuff on Ebay recently along with some Cardiacs stuff. Time baby III is a great track, I shall go home and stick it on, i haven't heard it in ages. Lily's I don't really know, did they do "Nanny in Manhattan"? Telescopes i have a lot of their early stuff, Celeste and perfect needle were my favourites. Curve were another favourite especially their cover of "I feel love"

    Loop were good too although a bit heavier than most of the shoegazer bands. The Chills and Straitjacket fits would also be good on any compilation from that era.

  • Caedes

    I have heard some of the more recent telescopes stuff is worth getting, a lot more mellow than their early stuff. Not heard any of it myself but a friend suggested it.

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