What question would you ask a visiting Governing Body Member?

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  • pirata

    So if a governing body member was visiting your local District Convention, and you had the opportunity to ask them a single question, what would it be?

    Assume that you are still an active JW and are not looking to get DF'd.

  • serenitynow!

    How exactly does the HS "guide" you?

    How much does that gig pay?

  • Heaven

    What is the definition of 'soon'?

  • StAnn

    Do you really believe anything that is in the literature or is this just a good gig to you?


  • XPeterX

    I would be considered an apostate but I would ask the follow:

    1.Why do you take decisions by voting?

    2.Why don't you publish books on how these decisions are taken?

    3.Why do most Jw's don't know how the GB operates?

    4.What are the criteria for someone to become a GB member?

    5.Why can't any annointed apply for the GB?

    6.Why do you always use the same verse for wrong desicions? (proverbs 4:18)

    7. Why do we have to be so dogmatic when it comes to "this generation"?

    8.Where is the word "Organization" "Governing Body" etc mentioned in the Bible?

    9.Do you go door to door preaching?

    10.Are you sure this is the truth?

    11.Why do the elders and GB make decisions secretly?


    12.How can the "Faithful And Discreet Slave Class" claim that they are the prophet of God while having made so many wrong predictions in the past?

  • Soldier77

    How's that 2/3 vote thing coming along on making policy?

    What does Holy Spirit sound like?

    Do you guys light a bong take a puff, pass it around in your GB meetings? Or do you do that with some underage minor?

    Last one: How's it feel to f**k with peoples' lives?

  • Scully

    Why do you presume to interfere in the private marital relations of couples?

    Have you ever had a blow job?

    Oh, I guess that's two questions.

  • Think About It
  • maninthemiddle

    xpeter wrote :8.Where is the word "Organization" "Governing Body" etc mentioned in the Bible?

    check out the April 1st Watchtower for this explanation.

  • blondie

    They're trained to deflect uncomfortable questions.

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