Is it okay for a JW to be hypocrite?

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  • WTWizard

    The witlesses are supposed to be hypocrites, if it is to protect the religion or any of the hounders therein. If it's a minor issue that merely stumbles others, no.

  • cskyjw.sun

    i become a hypocrite because of the fear in man

  • aquagirl

    Um,I think it is required.

  • yknot

    .. smart aleck -ness abound....

    Dear Brother AS1

    To answer your question more details are needed.

    Are you referring to definition A or B of the website for hypocrite.

    If this is regarding definition A- please return to page 1 of this topic and see techdotcom's post #30

    However in regards to definition "B'

    What level is said JW within the Organization?

    Is this situation pertaining to a personal or Organizational matter?

    If this is a legal matter please refer question to the WTS Legal Dept before proceeding any further.

    Are you in good standing?

    How many years have you been dedicated to Jehovah's Organization?

    How many hours of Field Service do you achieve each month?

    Have you ever been deleted?

    Until these details are satisfied I am sorry but no further assistance can be offered at this time.

    Yknot..... Hypocrite A & B Class by definition

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