Any Frugal Living/Zero Debters/Back to the Land types on here?

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  • StAnn

    Scarred, so sorry about your s-i-l. What a bummer! I used to live in Cary, NC, between Raleigh and Durham. Beautiful country, NC is, but I couldn't breathe there. Developed bad asthma. After a few years back in Ohio, it went away. Visiting NC or south of NC always brings back the breathing troubles for me.


  • Heaven

    I'd love to go back to the land! I hope to have a little place in the country one day. My later childhood and teens were spent on a farm. I presently live in a very small town surrounded by farms. In the morning I can hear roosters crowing and donkeys braying in the distance. I love it!

    StAnn, so glad you are supporting your local farmer. When I can, I do. I wish more of our local farmers would sell their produce from their places but I think the corporations are slowing taking them over and it kind of saddens me.

  • Dagney

    Sounds really lovely. *sigh*

  • StAnn

    Dagney, when we finally get our dream mini-farm, I'll host an apostafest for all of you!


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