DC 2010 Release - The Origin of Life and its many misquotes

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  • hamsterbait

    It's HAMSTERS all the way back!!!


  • losthusband

    Marked for later.

  • wannabefree

    Also the 192 page book .... GOD'S WORD FOR US THROUGH JEREMIAH

  • moshe

    The WT writing department is populated by no-name psychopatic liars and being faceless is the only way they can pull it off. Of course, they are just following orders when they make this stuff up and publish it as "meat in due season from the F&DS class, but hiding in the dark won't spare them from the eyes of heavenly justice, either. History shows us that henchmen can always find willing stooges to carry out their evil deeds. Stooges are many in the WT org., but just try and find one brave man on the inside with integrity and who honors the truth at all costs, now that rarely happens. Raymond Franz was such a man and that was one generation ago.

    Will this present generation of WT leaders give us a champion of "light" who blows the lid off the corruption on the inside? I hope so, as I am tired of seeing the children die, nay murdered, by JW parents and elders who are simply stooges of the WT no-blood dogma and it's corresponding religious ritual suicide. How can these liars in Bethel live with all this bloodguilt? How do ex-JW's let themselves be muzzled by these henchmen? How can they live their life as doormat for JW leaders? Honest questions are the bane of dictators and the enemy of a good night's sleep. I should have stayed away tonight.

    Thanks D-S, for opening up a window on this dishonesty from the Writing Department.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    I'll be marking this for future reference!

  • losthusband

    marked for reference

  • metatron

    I DID notice that the brochures seemed to go out of their way to define whether the person quoted believes in evolution or God or whatever. This is a change (although rather glacial).

    Almost no one reading this stuff will be able to understand the esoteric details about evolutionary theory. However, I think it is fair to ask: Are there real skeletons or skulls that honestly look half human, half animal?

    The answer is Yes!

    If I see 'Turkana Boy''s skeleton in the Museum of Natural History, not far from Bethel, I'm gonna think, 'this thing looks kinda like an animal but not exactly'. And , No, it isn't a reconstruction.

    Watchtower Deception: "some" isn't "none". "Rare" isn't "none".

    The fossils are there - if you bother to look for them.


  • KnowlegeSeeker_UK

    How many members are here? Do you not think we can push for a scientific journal or science rep like Dawkins to analyse the book and the misquotes, get all the authors together and publicly shun the book. This would encourage people to check the sources of everything they read. I am currently in a science degree. This is not just bad practice its the worst offence in scientific writing. These guys will REALLY anger the original authors.

    Maybe we need a team on this. I would love to head it up. We contact all the authors, we contact news, journals and science domains and really push them to examine the book.

    What do you think? What kind of numbers do we have here? I f I could get hold of some email addys and names we could bombard the scientists to check it out.

  • ballistic

    I wonder if there are any Fred Hoyle quotes in there, he categorically stated he was misquoted every time quoted in the Creation book before he died.

  • TheOldHippie

    I have just finished reading Behe's "Darwin's Black Box" - excellent reading. I recommend it, it is technical at times but in a very entertaining and easy-to-understand way. As for the origin of life and its many molecular machines, Behe is one scientist who is often quoted by the WT, and the WT literature at times follows along Behe's lines (although Behe is concerned with the origin of life and not with later evolution, which he thinks might be more or less correct) - so why not run to Amazon and buy Behe, where you can get parallell ideas BUT without the quotes you claim to be flawed? Behe is one of the sources, one of the Intelligent Design Founding Fathers, so why not give it a try.

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