I think its a good thing nobody gets or even notices the generation change "new light"

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  • cognac

    No matter what the society does to try to attempt to fix this generation debacle, there is no way they can ever get it in JWa minds that the end will come past 2014.

    Nobody even gets or understands the change. Nobody cares. Generation will ALWAYS mean to them UP TO 100 YEARS!

    Even if they got some sorta gist that it might mean a "time period", there is NOTHING the society can do about the promise they made. Millions now living WILL never die. They can't go back on that. What's done is done, there is nothing they can do about it now. And everybody knows about that book.

    Nobody cares about the generation change because everybody already has things set in there minds and there is nothing that can change that.

    After talking to many people about it, that is what I believe to be true. What is your opinion?

  • alanv

    I think your right. They all have their own private ideas on it. To them it does not matter. They have been so indoctrinated that the gov body is the channel God is using, they simply stick with it believing any wrong understanding of scripture will be sorted out in time.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Possibly so, but

    i had no idea the phrase ''millions now living will never die'' even existed until 6 months ago.

    And those who saw it for the first time in a recent WT article were told it was ''may'' not ''will'' if i remember correctly


  • cognac

    Aussie - You grow up in the truth? I've known about it since I was little. And I'm pretty young now so it's not like just the older crowd knows about it...

  • cognac

    I mean, God, there was practically a movement because of that book!

  • Gordy

    You are probably right.

    I've come across JWs who are years behind in any changes, in anything.
    Never mind anything to do with the "generation" teaching.

    They try to juggle the "generation" because they thought "the end" would have been here long ago.
    How we used to watch the numbers of the "anointed" falling and think "the end" is not far away now.
    Now they are thrown into turmoil because numbers are rising.

    The rank and file just tuck away any change and just think to themselves "the end will be here soon".
    No matter how many years they have been saying it.

    The "generation" change makes it so that the "the end" can be any future time.
    Yet you get them going round "there's only three years left of this system"
    Or you can bet after this years conventions they will be saying , as they have done every year.
    "It will be here by the end of the year."
    Then another year will pass and so on.

    For the WT its one of the ways they hang on to members.
    The carrot dangling in front of them.

  • nelly136

    it will come as a thief in the night........still waiting to be burgled generations later. you have to wonder how many more generations are going to die before the penny sinks in, but it will still be too late for those now living and already dead.

  • ambersun
    Even if they got some sorta gist that it might mean a "time period", there is NOTHING the society can do about the promise they made. Millions now living WILL never die. They can't go back on that.

    Oh Cognac, I do hope you are right!!!! I was among the JWs who lived through the 1960s when we were told as a FACT that we would all survive into the New System, with many selling their homes and giving up work and career prospects to devote their time to knocking doors. Many of them are dead now, and I can't understand why the rest, especially ones who are now old and frail who were lead to believe they would never get old at all, just seem to happily accept this ever extending dangling carrot the way they do! Maybe this new overlapping generation idea will be the last straw for some of them at least!

  • Heartofaboy

    I hope you're right Amber............the 'last straw' that will wake them up to reality!

    I know elderly ones that just put on a front to hide the despair they feel inside for being taken in by the shysters in Brooklyn during the 1960's & the years leading up to 1975.....................yes they regret it totally but still feel afraid to turn their back on the JW faith.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Hi ambersun. Welcome to the forum. You sound like you went through the same era I did.

    I talked to my Mum yesterday. She didn't have anything to say in defence of the new WT Generation doctrine.

    Dad so loved the pre 1995 generation doctrine that he has never admitted any changes to me.

    My wife trotted out a defence that was so full of holes she didn't bother to defend it when I pointed them out.

    My children have gone into hiding in Bethel.

    In six months time the only JWs knocking on your door will be the severely brain damaged and victims who are frightened to leave, or who are putting up a front until they extract their families ........

    .............. and my family.

    My family are easy to spot. They are the lovely people with smiles on their faces, Bibles in their hands, and promises of paradise.



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