The official "how did they react to the new light" thread

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  • Heartofaboy

    The overlapping of generations was totally glossed over according someone I know that went to the WT study yesterday!

    No-one made a comment about it!!

    Could the reason for this be that the dubs are finally so shell shocked at all the changes to the 'generation' that their trust in the FDS/GB is rather fragile & no-one wants to talk about the changes?

  • EndofMysteries

    They are pulling a Russell thing, if they are going by the Moses/Joseph thing.

    Consider, in 1874 they thought end of 6000 years of man. Russell used the Joseph 40 year generation thing, which got them to 1914. Then they cut off ties to that, saying 1914 end of gentile times. Come 1960's, they find due to mistake the predictions of 1874 were wrong by 100 years, so now at 1975 as end of 6000 years of man. Nothing happens and they pretend to DF Franz and others for apostacy related to that. So now if they are trying to link the Moses/Joseph generation, the 'new light' in a few years is "evidently Jesus was referring to the generation at the end of the 6000 years since Adam which was 1975 and was 'evidentally' correct, because a 40 year overlapping generation makes 2014 the date. Are we not happy of the smogersboard of this spiritual light provided by the unfaithful slave? Then EVERYTHING will be repeated as in the 1914. First will be those 'annointed' by 2014 will be alive. Then those 15 years of age, then by 2060's those of 8+ years of age, then 2080's those born in 2014, then by 2110 further 'evidentally' light that Jesus meant a overlapping generation of those from 2014.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    My Witness friend said thats TWO different generations and it sounds like crap to him......yeah!!!!

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    So it seems that those elders feeling confident tackled it, those that didn't avoided it!

    The Faithful slave sure goes out of its way to make sure the R& F understand the important stuff... NOT


  • ambersun

    I am constantly amazed how my highly intelligent family appear to absorb all this 'new light' without a flicker of doubt. Being the kind of person who lacks confidence in my own abilities, I used to think my ever growing doubts were due to my youthful inexperience or a shortfall in my I.Q. and constantly tried harder to understand it all, thinking that I would eventually develop the deep faith I envied in the rest of my family. Then I started to feel exactly as Gayle put it - thanks Gayle, I sometimes have difficulty expressing my thoughts but your comments said it all for me. And this was back in the 1960s when I started to question the continual (convenient) 'new light' being received since Russell's death.

    I don't know if anyone remembers, but JWs were told to remove any of Russell's books from their bookshelves back in the 60s as 'new light' had been received since he wrote them so his doctrines were out of date. Most of the JWs I knew were too young to have purchased any of Russell's books personally and had certainly never read them. However, I found and read several of Charles Taze Russell's books on an elderly brother's shelf whilst visiting him and was totally thrown by the changes in the Organisation since Russell was in control. However, any questions I raised fell on deaf ears, nobody else shared my concerns about these changes. I concluded I would 'get it' in time, but the seeds of doubt had already been set and they were to grow as the years progressed, whilst the rest of the family's faith and total dedication to the Organisation continued to grow.

    I know there is absolutely no point trying to discuss this overlapping generation issue with any member of my JW family as they will have already soaked it all up, being the true loyal JWs that they are, never questioning anything coming from the wonderful GB

  • moshe

    JW's get pretty much what they deserve- bull twinkies- They studied the WT books for their whole lives and they still don't have a coherent body of doctrine today. Why would anyone keep a doctrine that has 1914 and 1935 as it's core foundation after those dates have has been dumped is beyond me. - They went over those dates again and again during the lifetime of the current adult JW's and now they just forget those dates were ever taught as the "Truth".

  • Elsewhere

    >Could the reason for this be that the dubs are finally so shell shocked at all the changes to the 'generation' that their trust in the FDS/GB is rather fragile & no-one wants to talk about the changes?

    I suspect that most JWs do not really pay attention to what is said at the meetings or in the publications. I know I never really did. I would go to the meetings and just half-ass listen to what was said, counting down the time to when I could leave and go home.

  • garyneal
  • JustHuman14

    I was MS back in 1995 when the 'light' came out. I recall at CO's visit(it happened to be few days after the 'light') we had a special meeting for the 'new light'. He told us that we have to persuade our families as leaders of the congregation to understand the new generation explanation. The nucleus of the congregation is the family, so if all family members understand the new light then the entire congregation will know...

    For me it was the end of my life in the WT. After this 'change' of understanding in just 4 years I left WT. I don't know what was the reaction of the rank and file today, but as I see from active JW's that post in various forums, there is no reaction at all, just like it was 15 years ago.

    I have said few years back(yes I'm of the older members of this forum -Justhuman)that the WT it is a club. In order to be a member of the club and accepted by the other members, you have to follow blindly what comes out from the headquarters. Even if the GB changes every week their understanding in doctrinal matters, still the rank and file will accept it without any questioning. In just 15 years the doctrine of the famous generation changed 4 times!!! In my time I recall that the generation doctrine was SOLID. The generation that it will not pass and would see Armaggedon. Those who were born in 1914 they will be the living evidence of God's promise of a New World. I spend the best years of my life preaching that the generation will not pass way, became pioneer spending 90 hours a month to save the World. What I knew back then it all gone down the drain. And dogmatically speaking WT has nothing in common with the one I grew back in the mid 80's. Whats left it is just promises by the WT leadership that never came true...

    George Orwell said: Everything fadded to the mist. The past was erased the erasure was forgotten, the LIE BECAME TRUTH...

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Another pleasant valley sunday

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