The official "how did they react to the new light" thread

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    For those that went to meeting what was the general response to this "new understanding" of "this Generation"? At my Hall I don't think anyone really got it or cared. Swallowed hook, line and sinker. Only 3 comments regarding this paragraph.

    #1-Isnt it great how Jehovah creates different personalities? (Yeah, I dont get the connection either)

    #2-Brother quoted verbatim what was in the paragraph.

    #3-Another brother said how young ones are the same generation who fought in world war two.

    That was it.

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  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    Stepford Wives. It's scary.

  • blondie

    Fifteen years ago the reaction was much the same with the end of the 1914 generation:

    1) Wow, that was deep, I'm not sure what they were saying.

    2) Oh, was there a new point in the article...what was it?

    3) Yes, wonderful food from the slave (thinking: I'll have to ask Brother ThinksHesSmart and have him explain it)

    4) (WT conductor thinking) I'm glad that's over. I thought no one was going to answer. I'm glad my wife finally raised her hand.

  • garyneal

    Brother "Scholar" at my mother-in-law's congregation is suppose to explain it to me somehow.

  • blondie

    garyneal, be sure he uses scriptures and shows a realistic application....jws are notorious about throwing in a scripture that has nothing to do with their assertion. My husband says that when all else fails they use Matthew 24:45-47, intimating that they are the channel of knowledge for new information that is not in the Bible. My husband was an elder and he noticed that as time went by there were less and less scriptures in the letters to the elders from WT headquarters, sometimes none.


  • yknot

    ..... I posted in detail on the below thread:

    But I will gist here.....

    Other than myself and 5 elders, no one else grasped he significance of the article...... it was just another WTSunday, just another WT-article.

    The responses to the generation paragraphs were pre-planned amongst 3 elders and 3 sisters.... only the last two 'box questions' were reviewed and than the study pressed on without addressing any of the other highlighted newer teachings.

    If I was to ask anyone (other than 5 elders) about the definition of the generation I am certain I would get the pre-1995 definition.....

    In short I felt like:

  • sabastious

    The ends justify the means.

    If the Witnesses were correct in the fact that they God's chosen people, it wouldn't matter what they did, said or went back on. I'll say it again...

    The ENDS justify the MEANS.

    Just hope it comes sooner rather than later for these cooks! Wait sooner ended about what... 100 years ago?


  • poppers

    Just hope it comes sooner rather than later for these cooks!

    LOL! Those "kooks" really know how to "cook" the books.


    Not a single scripture was used to support the overlap theory either. That should throw red flags to anyone paying attention.

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