True Blood new season tonight!

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  • zombie dub
    zombie dub

    woop woop! love true blood!

  • techdotcom

    I thought the first episode was good but it seemed like more of a teaser for the rest of the seasons story. Which is probably the intention. For those who like the show, and like to read as well, I've enjoyed the "Southern Vampire Mystery" series of books that the show is based on. Even if you read the books you still don't know whats specifically is going to happen since they have changed a good number of specific plot points and added additional plots to the story that do not appear in the books.

  • undercover

    I love how HBO took a teen romance series of novels and actually turned it into an adult show. TrueBlood is based on the Sookie Stackhouse series of books by Charlaine Harris and they're about the same level as the Twilight stuff, just not as popular.

    HBO gave it a darker tone and amped up the violence and sex and made a good vampire show for adults. It does have some camp and the story meanders sometimes but some of the characters are great. Interestingly, the best characters are the male ones. The female characters try my patience for some reason. Sookie, as cute as she is, is exasperating. Tara, as hot as she is, needs an attitude adjustment. Jessica...well she's just immature...maybe her character will evolve. But the male characters are fun to watch. Bill, Eric, Sam, Jason and Lafayette. Any scene they're in, especially Eric and Lafayette, becomes the highlight of the show.

    edit: Lafayette was killed off in the first (or second?) book but he was so popular on the show, they had to keep him alive. If you knew that going in, you could see how they re-wrote his supposed demise between season one and two.

  • MsDucky

    Techdotcom, I felt the first episode was trying to get us up to speed for what is to happen in this season, too.

    Undercover, my neice has read all of Charlaine Harris's books. She said that Lafayette was killed off in the book. I was like no! I was so glad it wasn't him in the back of that car. Lafayette was hilarious in the first season. The second season they killed his attitude. He seems to be getting some of his spunk back in this season. We'll see. I love all the characters on the show including Andy. It just spices it up for me. The more the merrier!

    Here's a line from Hoyt that had me cracking up: "I'm a grown ass man!"

    Side note: Doesn't Eric and Bill seem like they've gotten more muscular?

  • techdotcom

    I was trying not to post spoilers but yeah, everything on the show after about episode 4 has veered from the books somewhat. Lafayette not getting killed, the person who actually kills the serial killer at the end of season 1(liked the book version MUCH better). Most everything that has happenned to Tara is not in the book as she is mostly a minor character. I wonder for this season if Sookie will even get involved with Alcide or the Were Tiger(next book?? cant remember) since by this time I though she had ended her relationship with Bill after finding the reason they even met in the first place was that Bill was on a mission to woo her by the Queen of Louisianna?

  • MsDucky
    I though she had ended her relationship with Bill after finding the reason they even met in the first place was that Bill was on a mission to woo her by the Queen of Louisianna?

    If that happened in the TV series, it would be so bunk! That would piss me off royal!

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