I know nothing about soccer

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  • superpunk

    "Oh hey cool the World Cup is on, let's watch some soccer."


    *changes channel*

  • zombie dub
    zombie dub

    its horrible, really kills any atmosphere, I've been watching on mute, which also sucks - real real shame, we only get the world cup every 4 years and its being completely ruined.

    in a game the other day someone was booked for playing on after being offside, how did he hear the 120 decibel whistle over the 140 decibel buzzing though? ridiculous. Football is a team game that requires the players communicate with each other, how can they with all the noise? :(

  • joeblow

    Well... for anyone watching the Italy/Paraguay game... you can see what I mean. The Italians are faking the whole time, and playing VERY dirty (it's like they are playing a combination of karate and boxing instead of football)... and they get away with it... except... Paraguay scored on them when the goalkeeper let his guard down... so now the dirty game really begins.

  • MsDucky

    Joeblow, I don't understand the dirty playing. It just looks like they are all trying to kick the ball. I haven't seen anything dirty. The only thing that seems bad is that Italy and Paraguay are playing in the rain.

  • joeblow

    Might depend on the feed you're watching the game on... the Italians are masters of stomping other player's feet, jamming elbows in their face etc. :-) The last WC game (last WC in Germany) they played against the Netherlands was a real masterpiece of dirty playing. Poke around in YouTube and you'll find loads of examples of how they play.

    Oh, for anyone looking for a way to watch the games, try http://www.myp2p.eu You can usually find a feed for any game there, and there is usually streams that will work in Linux and OSX as well as Windows.

  • cofty

    Everything that PSacramento said! It is the most accessible game in the world. I've been coaching it for 14 years and have seen so many examples of young people growing in confidence and social skills through being part of the sport. At my junior club £56- a year will buy a place on a junior team with 9 months of coaching and around 20 competitive games. Some kids are keen but limited in ability others go on to higher levels of the game. Next season I have been invited to coach an u17 team for a pro club.

    Anybody who needs scoring to keep them interested is never going to appreciate "the beautiful game". The level of technical and tactical skill that is on display at this level of the game is awesome. A lot of the really clever stuff is happening off the ball. A an individual player may only have personal possession of the ball for 2 or 3 minutes in a game but they are engaged for 90 minutes. A single lapse on concentration from one player out of position or not concentrating can cost a game.

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