I know nothing about soccer

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    The top teams right now are, in my opinion and no particular order, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Germany and England. The USA has beaten Spain, and got a draw on England, BTW.

  • crownboy


    The above is the most recently updated FIFA rankings (as of May 2010). Soccer fans may not find the rankings perfect, but it's the best we have outside of pure opinions.

    World rankings do not directly factor in qualification for the World Cup tournament, so 105th ranked North Korea is in the tournament, while 11th ranked Russia is not in and 3rd ranked Portugal had to struggle to make it (8th ranked France should not have rightfully qualified, but got in on an egregious referee error in their tournament).

    I happen to agree with the notion of Brazil being the best team, but Spain has many believers. Ultimately we'll know the real answer about one month from now.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    Soccer- the only sport where a scoreboard goes to waste.

  • joeblow

    Soccer/football basically comes down to a bunch of fully grown men run around a field pretending to trip on blades of grass and break their leg in an attempt to get free kicks or penalty shots on the other team's goal. I've learned from watching a few games that the horrible fake injuries sustained from grass-blade tripping can be instantly cured by pouring bottled water on the grievously wounded body part.

    I've also learned that the Italian teams are the most likely to use poor sportsmanship and devious cheating in an attempt to win. They take every chance they can to kick, gouge, trip and otherwise physically injure (for real) or maim the players of the other team. They can be counted on to play a very dirty game every time they head out on the football pitch.

  • zombie dub
    zombie dub

    this tournament is being ruined by the constant buzzing flies noise from those f**king vuvuzelas, killing the atmosphere and making it impossible for the players to hear the ref's whistle, let alone each other.

    oh, and americans - it's football, not soccer, please please use the word the rest of the entire world uses

  • MsDucky

    Crownboy thanks for posting the Fifa rankings. It looks like Brazil is the team to beat? But, I don't know?

    Joeblow, I remember the infamous head butt made by a French soccer player. I, only, remember it because it made the news, not because I was watching the game.

    Keyser, they don't seem to score very much. England and America tied with a score 1-1. I guess it's like joeblow said "just watching them run around"? And I thought baseball was bad. . .low scores. . .players can't hit the ball. What's all the excitement about?

  • zombie dub
    zombie dub

    What's all the excitement about?

    It was a bad game, not all games are that boring, don't you ever have boring american football/baseball/basketball games?

  • MsDucky
    It was a bad game, not all games are that boring, don't you ever have boring american football/baseball/basketball games?

    My husband doesn't think so!

  • PSacramento

    Laste world cup 701 MILLION people watched the game, contrast with 100 million that watched the Super bowl.

    One can't even begin to understand Football if one calls it socccer, that is the firts thing.

    Second thing is to undersstand that the game has an appeal that is beyond the game and the very nature of it being hard to scare is what makes the GOAL, the ORGASM of Football ;)

    In every country of the world, kids and adults play soccer, they only need a ball, period and there is no social structure or classes, just fun and skill.

  • MsDucky

    Zombie dub thanks for letting me know what was causing the "noise" *vuvuzelas*. I never heard of them. I kept asking my daughter "What is that noise".


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