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  • Cthulhu

    I used to wake up early (sometimes really early if I still had to study my WT) and got right off to the KH. Then it was afternoon service well into the evening, which left me just enough time to read a few articles from the new magazines or a few chapters from the Bible before I was off to bed. Now, of course, it's nothing like that. Sunday for me really is sort of a day of rest, and not in some sabbatical sense of the word either. Just a day to relax and, sometime, even recuperate from Friday and/or Saturday. What do you do on Sundays now?

  • RosePetal

    Hubby and I go to the local baptist church at eleven oc. so we still get a lie in. We have a lovely time there and have made loads of friends. We don't have to study up it like we did when JWs. Then we go to our local country pub for a sunday roast. Sometimes friends come with us, then as it is summer we go to for a walk in the park and chill out. Today as it is my birthday I am staying in and having nice time with family I am waiting for my birthday cake.

    Unlike when we were JWs if we don't go to church one week nobody chases you up in a judgmental way. People are genuinly concerned for us. It is so refreshing. Well that's our experience anyway. And since attending church we are accomplishing more productive work for the Lord than we ever did as JWs with all there studying and there obsessive meeting attendance, and we still get plenty of time to enjoy reading and studying the Bible without being dictated to what we have to study.

    Well I am chilling out now Love RosePetal

  • Lozhasleft

    Yes I remember the busy its similar for me ...chilling out, reading, tv, visiting....whatever. Good times.

    Loz x

  • OnTheWayOut

    I have a rotating work schedule, so sometimes I work on Sunday. Otherwise:

    CBS Sunday Morning News is full of the inspirational upbeat news. I typically enjoy my coffee and the news. I may go for a bicycle ride while the wife does her JW thing. I have gone to the museums or zoos on Sunday or maybe walk the mall in the winter.

    The news is just now ending and I had enough coffee so I will be getting ready to get out there today.

  • WTWizard

    I used to have to go to a boasting session. Typically, I had to work into the late evening Saturday night. And then there is a big fat boasting session, whether in the morning or afternoon. If the boasting session is in the morning, they expect me to do field circus during the afternoon. Then I had to work Sunday evening. It was a complete waste of my time. I also had to waste time in the middle of the week--Tuesday and Thursday evening boasting sessions, and field circus the next day.

    These days, I still have to work nights on Saturday night. And Sunday night. But, I don't have that damn boasting session in the middle, so I am able to find plenty of time to post on these forums.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    weekends are so much better now

  • cantleave

    I love Sundays now. I hated them for 42 years.

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