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  • Mary
    Scully said: They have lots of money and probably lots of hired help. They won't be raising that baby, they have "people" to do that.

    Bingo. It's much easier to have babies when money is no issue, where you can hire nannies to look after the kids while you go out and do whatever it is you need to do. If you don't have to worry about health costs, the costs of feeding them, clothing them and seeing that they get a good education, then you've just eliminated ALOT of the stress that average, everyday people have to deal with.

    Still----I wish them all the best. Perhaps they felt that they wanted another baby after their son died last year.

  • Deceived

    It is their lives and they are privileged enough to be able to afford the best in medical care and nannies etc.

    Personally I would not want a baby or the responsibility at that age but I was a normal ordinary person and not rich. I had 4 children in 6 years, that did it for me, NO more babies. lol

    I think it is nice for them as it must have been awful losing their son. I wish them all the best and good health to the baby. At least they aren't having twins or triplets like all the other movie stars lately

  • leavingwt

    "Freedom is freedom to be stupid."

    -- Penn Jillette

  • SixofNine

    my dad was 56 when I was born. So they might want to reconsider

    Mom was 28 though, so that was much less risky. I think if Kelly Preston's body has made it to 47 in such amazing shape, she should not put it through another pregnancy. Better to take one for the team and let John have a 28 year old concubine for the purpose of baby-makin'.

  • RR

    Actually the son that died had some mental problems, so young or old, there is no guarantee of a healthy child. Recently there was a women who ghave birth to a child in her 60s, baby was fine

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    No medical care? I forgot all about that. This is going to be one pregnancy worth watching due to her age and no prenatal care.

  • SixofNine

    Oh please. People of privilege don't give up their privilege for whacky religions, generally speaking.

    If Prince Nelson Rogers needed a blood transfusion, he'd get one, and if John and Kelly Travolta's kid needs health care, it will get the finest health care available.

  • Violia

    I'm sure it did have everything to do with the death of their son last year. What a horrible thing to happen -I can only imagine their pain.

    It is not at all unheard of for men to become fathers in their 50's and 60's. The women are usually in their 20-40's however. But hollywood has set the trend in the last 20 years or so of women having their first babies in their 40's. I also think I recall that Nancy Grace ( may have her name wrong) a cable network talk show host has had twins a few years ago in her mid to late 50's. I recall Bette Midler made the news when she had her beloved Sophie after the age of 40 .The trend was just catching on at that time and then more and more women who had put off having children began to try and have their first baby in their 40's.

    I feel tired just thinking about it.

    In years gone by it was fairly common for a woman to have babies up to and around the 50's. It was not their first baby however. My grandmother had 10 children and the last was a menopause baby around 50.'s Of couse the way people handled that was the oldest child raised the youngest as often there was 20 years or more between them.

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