Whatever happened to kindness?

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  • chrisjoel

    The thing is: we all live in our own world. I think the human condition is to LOOK for others to be kind to YOU BEFORE you are kind to THEM. I have to get up early and deal with ppl from another culture that come to me. ..they love to smile and say GOOD MORNING at 0530. IM not a morning person and i try and muster a faint hello or nod. It APPEARS that i am rude. Come back later, after Im alwake and I will almost give u the shirt off my back...almost......Anyways its also perception. And perception is easily distorted. If someone is being OVERLY kind or goes out of thier way to be kind I start to think in my head they are great ppl...but If ive seen them before I cant help but think thier kindness may be an agenda for something. Who knows. But I find that i have to keep my kindness in check and only give it to ppl that deserve it from my point of view. Like you Mr Terry :)

  • goldensky

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  • Terry

    There is a lady I work with who is in a bad mood 24/7 and it is liking breathing potassium cyanide being around her.

    She butts in and corrects any little thing at all. If somebody asks me a question she'll immediately take over and give directions.

    Sigh. I can mostly ignore it. (Mostly). But, if I'm having a hard day it is much more difficult not to rent a chainsaw and indulge myself in some Texas-style bloodletting.

    We all have a bad day now and then. That's part of the E-ticket ride called Life. But, no need to ruin everybody else's mood.

    I imagine it is like anything else; it takes practice and discipline not to fall in to a bad habit of indulging one's darkest proclivity.

    Once, when my son was about six years old and his mother was scolding him for something, he beamed a huge smile and tilted his head to say:

    "Mom....I L--O--V--E YOU!!"

    That stopped her cold and her mood changed immediately. Clouds lifted and the sun broke through.

    Now that is talent.

  • stillin

    that may be part of kindness's great value; its' sheer scarcity. It has the power to bowl a person over when put to work at the right time. Yes, it's rare, but if everybody was kind all of the time, we wouldn't be in the shape we're in, would we? I mean, it would be like saying "How you doin?"in the new system, right? Nobody feels any pain...

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