When will they appoint new GB members...

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  • jookbeard

    perhaps a little bit after my time, to any folks that know him ask the prick what proof he can give to show that he is of the "anointed class" if he says it's just a certain feeling tell him is is a liar.

  • torre

    William Malenfant doesn't belong to the annointed class as far as I know. Iknew him in 1998 when he came to Spain along with Gerrit Losch. The new branch was dedicated and they both gave the main talks. Malenfant was very warm in his approaching and his talks very interesting. Otherwise, he was not one of the annointed ones at that time.

    Obviously, taking into account that if you aren't one of the "annointed" you won't get the power, he might think twice about it and started to be one of the partakers in the memorial meetings. Then he may be one of the candidates.

    The other posibility would be to change the doctrine as a new light regarding how Governing Body don't need to be part of the 144.000 anymore. I'm sure that after a couple of hours of brainstorm in the GB meeting they would be able to find a few chapters in the Bible supporting the new teaching.

  • ldrnomo

    I agree with George, Leon Weaver has to be an option, forceful used in the past as the GB's lieutenant (the apostate letter of the 80's). I met him once. He struck me as a forceful man, tall, handsome, intelligent, a good speaker. Not annointed at the moment, (as far as I know) but the calling could come at any time.


    Does the appointment for GB's work like everyone else? A couple current GB's talk to you after the meeting to see how things are going, and if there are any things you want to talk about like...I don't know..child molesting? The do they send a special form to be approved and check-marked? What if you are not approved? Do they not tell you like the Elders are instructed to not tell the rank-and-file? Do they give you areas to improve in..like..I don't know..not molesting children, or service time? What if you are approved? Do you have to answer the questions in the Elder's book, like the one about...I don't know...child molesting, because the Holy Spirit didn't know the answer before you were recommended?! Just curious.....

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