Question for ex-elders

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  • miseryloveselders

    Prior to last year's memorial, we had an elder's meeting and the secretary brought out a list of names who were still in our records as belonging to our congregation. We were going to go over this list, to see about reaching out to these ones and inviting them to the memorial. 80% of them we haven't seen in 30 years. Some of them, I've never even heard of as I would have been a child when they stopped attending. Another older elder got cantankerous and belligerent stating in more words or less, "why are going to waste another 1/2 hour going over names of people who haven't set foot in this hall in decades?!?!?!" He was angry, and in rare form. He's been going to elder meetings for far too long. Like other posters said, if you're that far off the radar, don't put yourself back on. I know of one case someone who is disfellowshipped, but been gone so long that many dubs don't know his standing and they speak briefly to him when they see him.

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