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    No probs!.... luvs ya like a little brother....cuz I am sooooo much older than you being born in Dec 73! LOL

    Yes indeed these are still 'perilous times' and I would probably re-write the WT paragraph below as:

    *** w58 8/1 p. 460 Dawns a New Era for the IrishR&F Jehovah's Witnesses***
    Fear has a great hold on the people. People are afraid of what their neighbors, their friends, relatives and clergyElders might think if they were even so much as to read the Bible on their own(*). For centuriesa 131years the clergyWT Leadership have dominated their lives, told them what they can read (**), what they should believe and do. To ask a sound religious question is a demonstration of lack of faith in God and the church, according to the clergyWT Leadership (***). As a result, the IrishR&F Jehovah'sWitness people do are 'encouraged' to do very little independent thinking. They are victims of the clergyWT Leadership and fear; but freedom is in sight

    (*) Witnesses are not encouraged to read 'sola scriptura'.........proper understanding cannot not be obtained by any individual without the aid of the WTS. This has been stated for over a 100 years thoughout the publications- Sept 15, 1910, pg 298-299 comes to mind! For those interested in looking up the quote because it is important to verify quotes! Downloads are available from the public domain site ''...

    (**)*** km 9/07 p. 3 Question Box ***

    (***) KS91-E pg 94 You may ask what you like but if you if you disagree with a 'bible truths' as taught by Jehovah's Witnesses (ie the WTS) you are an apostate. (feel free to verify by downloading the KS91-E below--- but check back with JWN at the end of the year/ first of 2011 as a new KS-10 is slotted for release!)

    This all said---- with the interweb, availability of older publications to download and you is empowering the R&F to recapture their voice the next decade or so ...... yes it is time for CHANGE....the likes that haven't been seen since 1928 when Rutherford ripped off the deeply held and rooted convictions of pyramidology like yesterday's band-aid and began to kick the rest of Chucky and his coattails to the curb (the only beliefs we still hold similar to the 'Bible Students' are what I call the core three - no trinity, hellfire and immortality of the soul---- yes, yes the BS still believe in a resurrection during the millennial reign but it is for only 40 years (avg. lifespan of Russell's time).)


    Actually dear lurkers....

    ATJ is a "wealth of information" !

    He used to be a Gilead so don't be too quick to dismiss him!

    He can be funny, ironic, insighful and gobs of other terrific descriptions.

    He is rarely bitter or snarky and alway honest and forthright.

    Generally speaking we all have a shared common bond of JWisms, so share your experience, appreciate others and know that whatever is going on in your life, you are not alone! start posting today!


    Flipper is a great guy and you can ask and talk to him about anything!

    WMF is a great example of many others on this forum...

    Me- I accidently clicked on JWN as it was right below the that day on google search. I was drawn in by Terry's experience, I stayed because I love the freedom of expression.

    Majority of the posters are really great people! They even host 'meetups' and many are friends in 'real life' too!

  • DaCheech

    I love when new ones here, that put up their experiences!

    god bless the ones whose eyes have been opened!

  • DaCheech

    my hall has probably 70 publishers.

    actual attendance is around 45-50.

    there are about 20 that don't attend much anymore, and probable 3 or so elderly enough to listen to telephone.

    the Watchtower problem will catch up to them, "time is the enemy of the false prophet"

    good riddance, their armegheddon is "around the corner".............. yeah Watchtowers death/destruction

  • yknot

    Yes it is 'hidden truth' .....

    Meeting attendance down

    Memorial attendance down (at least in most 'westernized countries-- we had empty seats this year!)

    Donations are down......many choosing to stuff the boxes with fake Chuck bills or 'Watchtower Pedophile Defense Fund cheques instead if donating at all!

    'Real' Field Service (compared to 'faked' or 'flaked' time counting) is down

    Jehovah's Witnesses have the lowest retention rate of any religious tradition. Only 37% of all those who say they were raised as Jehovah's Witnesses still identify themselves as Jehovah's Witnesses....(so 65% leave and actually say "I am no longer a JW') ..... and of course to be honest most of the remaining 37% or of the 'conscious class'- attending or professing JW but not believing in the WTS's 'Truth' or appointment

    But any real JW lurking here already knows this ........

  • changeling

    I want to echo the point WMF made about some lurking witness being turned off by some of the posts here. While Jeff makes some good points about the variety of people here, not everyone is capable of looking past the garbage. I'm not referring to fluff threads, I think they have their place in a free environment, but rather, posts that exagerate the evils of the WT or outright make things up.

    The WT has given any thinking person more than enough grounds to see their errors and hypocrisy; made up stories and exagerations make the posters and the site look foolish, and give doubters reason to run back to the KH. When I see an obviously bogus post, I love to see serious posters jump on and set things straight. I hope lurkers catch on to this and to the fact that there is real, provable truth on this site, though sometimes clouded by some sillyness.

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